Just in Case, 5 Cases to Protect your $999 iPhone X

Jonathan So

Starting at a wallet-bursting $999.00 price tag, you will definitely want to protect your iPhone X if you have decided to purchase one. While the smartphone will not be shipped out until November 3, there are already a variety of iPhone X cases that are already available in the market. Hence, you should get started early on picking the perfect case that will protect the device while being able to support its wireless charging capability.

The cases recommended below are based on the experiences that we had with their predecessors designed for earlier iPhones:

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Known for providing decent designs at affordable prices, United States company Spigen is one of the most popular phone case manufacturers. Provide advanced drop protection for your iPhone X with Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case. This case combines a shock-absorbing flexible bumper with a rigid back, maximising its protective features. The case also comes with a crystal-clear back which preserves the original look of the phone without yellowing over time. The corners are enhanced with Air Cushion Technology to withstand everyday impacts such as knocks and drops. You can also check out other phone cases provided by Spigen below:

Spigen Rugged Armor Case (Huawei Mate 9) RM 10.00
Spigen Tough Armor Case (iPad Air) RM 89.00 Spigen Tough Armor, Cover, Apple, iPad Mini/Mini Retina, 20.1 cm (7.9")
Spigen Thin Fit Case (Apple Watch 38mm) RM 52.90
Spigen Tough Armor Case (Galaxy Note 4) RM 22.90
Spigen Air Skin Case (iPhone 7) RM 25.00
Spigen Liquid Crystal Case (Galaxy S7) RM 85.80
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case (iPhone 6s Plus) RM 62.91
Spigen Liquid Crystal Google Pixel XL Case RM 41.56
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case (Galaxy A5) RM 25.00
Spigen Wallet S Case (iPhone 7 Plus) RM 30.00
Spigen Slim Armor CS Case (iPhone 7) RM 67.00
Spigen Neo Hybrid RM 49.00
Spigen Neo Hybrid Case (iPhone 7 Plus) RM 19.90
Spigen Tough Armor Case (iPhone 7) RM 12.00
Spigen Crystal Hybrid Case (iPhone 7 Plus) RM 100.00

Speck Presidio

Another case that you can consider is the Presidio iPhone X cases provided by Speck. The Presidio case for the iPhone X has a polycarbonate outer shell and a shock-absorbing IMPACTIUM Shock Barrier which protects the device from a drop of up to 10 feet. The front side of the screen also has a raised frame which protects the screen from face-down drops. The case also has a scratch-resistant finish, enabling it to withstand daily wear and tear. Speck also produces many cases for earlier versions of the iPhone as well as other smartphones.

Otterbox Strada Series Folio

If you are looking for a case that combines style and protection, the Strada Series Folio case from Otterbox is the perfect option for you. The case has an intricately-handcrafted premium leather cover atop a polycarbonate shell. The folio case wraps around to provide protection for the touchscreen as well. There is also a magnetic latch that locks the device into place, offering additional protection from drops. Not only is the case protective and stylish, it can also double as a mini-wallet as it features a convenient vertical card slot to place cash or cards.

Tech21 Evo Tactical Case

Sporting three layers of advanced impact materials, the Evo Tactical case from Tech21 is more than capable of protecting the iPhone X from repeated drops from up to 3meters. The three layers wotk together seamlessly to ensure that your iPhone X can survive a drop without suffering any damage. The outer shell cushions the impact, the skeletal frame in the middle spreads the impact energy, and the innermost FlexShock layer absorbs any remaining energy. Despite having three layers, the case still retains a thin and lightweight design.

Rokform Rugged Case

With a Rugged Case on your iPhone X, you can rest easy knowing that your smartphone is receiving wholesome protection from drops up to 6 feet. Constructed of high-impact polycarbonate armor and a soft inner liner with reinforced corners, the case is designed to absorb shocks and drops effectively. The case exceeds military drop test standards so occasional drops should not be a concern with this case. The case also has built-in magnetic technology, enabling your phone to stick to any magnetic surface without negatively affecting the iPhone X’s performance.

The iPhone X will burn a hole straight through your bank account, so it is understandable that you want to protect it to the best that you can. With the aforementioned cases, you can have peace of mind knowing that your iPhone X is receiving sufficient protection from falls and drops.

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