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Go Hard or Go Home! Turn into a Pro Footballer with These Football Boots/Shoes

29 August 2017 | Aaron Tam

So, you want to be a pro footballer? All you need are lots of practice and a good pair of football boots/shoes!

Select a Suitable Pair Football Shoes Based on Your Playing Position

One of the most important football equipment you must get is football boots/shoes. While there is no right or wrong formula for what type of football boot best fits the different positions in the field, many football boots are designed to fit a certain style playstyle. If you want to be a professional, you should get excellent pair of football boots to maximize your performance and techniques.

Despite this, all football boots or shoes should always feel comfortable on your foot. Depending on your preferred playing position, there is always a suitable pair that matches your needs. You will play better if you get the right football boots for the right goals (pun intended).


If you are playing as a goalkeeper, you should choose football boots that have strong grip. These football boots should feature good uppers and excellent support so that you can deliver long goal kicks. Since goalkeepers do not run that much as other players in the field, the weight of your football boots is not that important.

Defense Players

The primary role of defense players is to prevent opposition from attacking. Defenders must stop opposing players, particularly the strikers. You play an important task of blocking them from scoring and bring the ball from their penalty area. Your playing position favors a pair of football boots that offer more protection and other features for a clean pass on the ball. For an example, they should feature protective uppers for more effective tackling and kicking.


When you are a winger, you usually rely on high pace or great technique. The best wingers in the game will utilize both aspects to support their team. A lightweight football boot design with thin upper is ideal for your playing position. It is important to get football boots that offer the ability to accelerate and change your direction quickly. Basically, what you need are football boots that have a good traction to the pitch and a light ball touch.


Midfielders are the people that are the general of the pitch and controlling the game. You should get football boots that give control and ability to run up and down the pitch for 90 minutes in total comfort. In other words, your football boots should have good stability, clean striking surface, and comfort. It is always about getting the best conditions for a good ball contact.


As true offensive players, you will be seen as the most dangerous attackers in the field, rightfully so. No matter what position or direction you are facing, you always know where your goal is. Your football boots must possess a clear striking surface. In addition, your football boots should have good stability for tricks and dribbling, a tight ball contact, and a good grip to the surface so that you can accelerate past the defenders. Another important thing is that they should be lightweight to offer minimal weight for explosive movements.

Find Out Your Playstyle

If you are not sure about your playstyle, you do not need to worry because every person has a different style and approach. Think about the position you like to play most and why you love it. From there, you will be able to find out your preferred playstyle. Naturally, your playstyle will determine your playing position. This is important because you are the best when you can play in a way that complements your teammates. Besides, it is possible to play more than one roles because it is exciting to try out new roles and master them. Once you are familiar with your playstyle, it is the time to get your football boots!

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