GE14: The Complete Guide to Voting on May 9

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Whether you are a first time voter or returning voter, there is no such thing as “over-preparing” for this upcoming GE14 polling day.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make sure you cast your vote successfully come May 9, together with do’s and don’ts during the voting process.

Let’s make Malaysia’s 2018 General Election a successful one!

Checking Where to Go

First off, to check if you are eligible and where your polling station is, go here. Just key in your IC number (make sure you don’t include any ‘-‘ or space).

Source: SPR

Alternatively, you can use the MySPR Semak app on App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

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You can check by calling 03-8892 7018 / sending an SMS to 15888 (charges apply).

Source: soyacincau

Do take note of these important dates for GE14:

April 28 – Nomination date for candidates

May 5 – Early voting for military and police personnel as well as voters living abroad

May 9 – Polling day

Polling station voting time is 8am to 5pm on May 9.

How to Go

If you are looking to rideshare, you can try your luck with this new (and growing) Jom Balik Undi FB Group aimed at connecting voters from the same hometown so they can share the same ride home to vote.

Source: Facebook

If you are looking to drive to the polling station yourself, you can use Waze (iOS or Android). Or if you wish to avoid finding parking, use Grab (iOS or Android) - here are some coupons to get discounts.

Before You Head Out


1. Bring your IC

Source: mynewshub

A lot of people still forget about this critical bit. Before you leave home, check if it’s in your wallet. If the polling station can’t verify you, you can’t vote.

2. Dress appropriately

Think how you would dress in a government office. Wear pants or dress that covers your kneecaps, shirt and blouse that covers your chest, nothing see-through or skin tight clothing.

Don’t wear slippers and shorts. Miniskirts and ripped jeans are not allowed.

For men, wear long sleeve shirts, and pants or jeans, along with sneakers or dress shoes.

For women, wear long sleeve tops, and bottoms or long skirts, along with flats or trainers.

Remember you are there to vote, not to take your OOTD.


1. Don't wear any party affiliated clothing

Source: BBC News

There should be no name, emblem or symbol of any political party on your clothes, water bottle and umbrella. Dress appropriately and keep your preferred party choice private.

2. Don’t wear nail polish

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Having nail polish would make the indelible ink easy applied on your index finger during voting easily removable, making it easier for people to commit voting fraud and vote more than once.

Have some nail polish remover ready before election day avoid this problem.

When You Reach Your Polling Station


1. Don't accept any free food or drinks offered by anyone

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Before or after you have cast your vote, be sure not to accept any sort of free treats offered by anyone. These free treats could be deemed as bribery or buying votes. This offense is covered by law. So just to be safe, avoid them.

When Voting


1. Make sure your ballot paper has a serial number and certified stamp

For illustration purposes. Source: SeniorsAloud

Make sure your stamp is FULL. If it’s half stamped, ask for a new one to avoid having your vote considered as a spoilt vote. You have the right to ask for a new one.

2. Make sure your ballot paper is clean and stainless

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Any spots or stains found on your ballot paper may render it spoiled and no longer usable. Your vote may not be taken into consideration during counting. Don’t let your vote go to waste; ask for a new one.

3. Vote for your party using “X” only

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Don’t use ticks, alphabets, etc. Just remember, X marks the spot! Any other markings will be disqualified.


1. Don't use your ballot paper if it is stained or damaged, without serial number or official stamp, etc

It’s worth a second reminder that even if there is just a tiny speck on your ticket, a light mark, stain, or anything, ask for a new ticket. Your ballot paper should be spotless.

Once you get your new paper, be sure to see the person in charge slash the old paper with a pen to make it unusable. Make sure to watch them do this!

SIDE NOTE: You will be given two ballot papers (one for State, one for Parliament). If you are in the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan, and Sarawak, you will only receive one ballot paper for Parliament.

2. Don't bring in or out any ballot papers

Source: Malaysian Outlook

If you bring in any ballot papers, it’s clear suspicion that you may be voting more than once - it’s fraud and punishable by law.

If for whatever reason you find spare ballot papers on the floor, pick it up and return it to the authorities. If the person in charge hands you extra ballot papers, return the excess. Don’t think about keeping it as a souvenir.

3. Don't use your phone while voting

Source: NST

No Insta Stories, no answering phone calls, no Facebook updates. Strictly no phones when voting!

After Voting

Don't hang around after you have casted your vote

Source: The Telegraph

Once you’ve done your civic duty, leave. It is illegal to loiter around polling stations if you aren’t a registered voter or already casted your vote.

Loitering or waiting for someone around 50-metre radius from the polling station is also illegal. Everybody is subjected to this regardless if you are waiting for your relatives or friends. Once you’re done, leave!

Failure to follow any of the rules above could not only impose a hefty fine or imprisonment, but could also have you barred from voting as well. Don’t take any chances and follow the rules. For the full list of Election Offences, visit this page.

For a handy summary, follow this infographic:

Source: Facebook

As Malaysians, we all want to carry out our duties as citizens. With these rules in mind, you should have no problem casting your vote and undi the right way! #GE14 #JomBalikUndi

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