Freeze! What to Look for Before You Buy a Refrigerator.

Jonathan So

The refrigerator is an electrical home appliance that has become a necessity in every home. Almost every household has a refrigerator; your kitchen is never complete without one. Refrigerators help to keep your food fresh by keeping them in low temperatures. The cold temperature inhibits bacteria from breaking down organic matter i.e. your food items and groceries, thus enabling them to last longer.

Although refrigerators typically have the same function, not all of them are made equal as some have extra compartments, additional settings, energy-saving properties, et cetera.Big home electronic brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba provides a wide variety of refrigerators for you to choose from. Hence, choosing one that suits you best might not be as easy as it seems. Don’t worry, the tips provided below will help you to make the right decision when it comes to choosing refrigerators for your home.

Although refrigerators typically have the same function, not all of them are made equal as some have extra compartments, additional settings, energy-saving properties, et cetera.

Types of Refrigerators

To find the ideal refrigerator for your home, you firstl need to determine what type of refrigerator would best suit your needs and lifestyle. There are typically five types of refrigerators in the market today:

Top Freezer

The most commonly found type, these models have freezers that are located at the top (hence its name) and provides a spacious interior for you to put your things in.

Bottom Freezer

The exact opposite of a top freezer, a bottom freezer gives users better access to food items stored inside the refrigerator without needing to bend over. Besides that, items from the freezer are also easier to access as the freezer doors are usually pulled out or swung open. Hence, these refrigerators are suitable if you have elderly individuals at home as it is easier for them to get the food items that they want.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

A side-by-side refrigerator features both the freezer and the cooler located right next to each other, making your food items easier to reach. Moreover, another advantage of these refrigerators is that they can accommodate bigger plates, containers, and platters.

Built-in Refrigerator

As its name suggests, a built-in refrigerator is constructed into the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, hence the extra construction will cause it to be costlier. These refrigerators tend to have less depth but they provide greater width, enabling them to have sufficient space to accommodate more content.

Compact Refrigerator

If you are planning to place the refrigerators at tight spaces such as in dorm rooms, bedrooms, and offices, then a compact refrigerator is the best option as its small body can be placed under or over countertops. Although it has a smaller storage capacity, it is the best choice for cash-strapped individuals or singles.

Storage Capacity

Besides determining the type of refrigerator, you should also consider the storage capacity of the refrigerator of the unit as well. If you are living alone, then a fridge with a storage capacity of 18-20 cubic feet should be sufficient whereas, for families, you will need a refrigerator with an average of 26-29 cubic feet. You should also pick a unit that contains adjustable shelves and door bins to provide more flexibility on how you can store different items. For example, deep door bins allow you to store bulkier items such as milk cartons and juice bottles. Many refrigerators have drawers with separate temperature or humidity controls to store items such as meat, fruits, and vegetables in their optimum storage conditions.


It goes without saying that one of the factors when purchasing a refrigerator is your budget. Like all other purchases, you need to make sure that the model that you buy will not exceed your financial capability. Top-mounts - freezer on top and fridge below, are usually the least expensive models out of the different types available. You also need to keep in mind that your refrigerator consumes a considerable amount of electricity, which might take a toll on your financials as well. Choose models that are more energy-efficient than others as they will help you to save more money in the long run as well.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you in deciding which refrigerators will best fit your lifestyle and living space. Spare yourself from refrigerator-hunting physically and check out these models to see if there are any that matches your criteria.

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