Fashion Meets Function: Tommy Hilfiger Clothing are now Adaptive

Jillian Cheong

Being disabled is bound to have its challenges; what more when it comes to dressing oneself up. Lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger is breaking the barriers by offering an adaptive clothing line for the differently-abled adults.

If you’re not familiar with the term 'adaptive clothing', they are garments or footwear specially designed for people with physical disabilities. This is due to the lack of full range of motion that is required for self-dressing. Generally, the garments offer a non-restrictive comfort to the wearer as well as makes it easier for caregivers, nurses, and hospice staff to dress and undress patients.

Tommy Hilfiger’s collection is called Tommy Adaptive and has a wide range of styles which includes 37 men’s and 34 women’s. These styles are based off the pieces from the sportswear collection that are modified to suit a person’s physical disability. There are shirts, pants, jackets, dresses that are equipped with magnetic and Velcro brand closures, magnetic flies, and adjusted leg openings – which make them easier to put on and take off for people who need to accommodate a prosthesis or a leg brace.

The launch of this clothing line is in collaboration with Runway of Dreams, which is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness for the need of more adaptive clothing. The organisation also helps various brands create those collections. Just last year, Tommy Hilfiger launched their line of adaptive clothing for children.

In spite of the need for greater inclusiveness when it comes to size, race, and gender in fashion, big fashion brands often forget to include diversity of ability when it comes to casting models and designing clothing. Other than adaptive clothing, Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that is smart enough to recognize the prospect to make clothing for a wider range of people.

The items in the collection range from USD$29.50 to USD$119.50. All the items are priced accordingly to what the brand charges for its other collections.

Of all the different clothing styles available in the market, the preppy styles have undeniably stood the test of times. Master the style with Tommy Hilfiger clothing’s below!

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