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Built-in vs portable: which Midea air conditioner is the right one for you?

14 December 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Chinese electronic brand, Midea, carries top-of-the-line air conditioners for you to cool down your home or workspace. While they carry various models of air conditioners, not all units are suitable for your home or workspace.

Midea air conditioners come in two different models: built-in or wall-mounted and portable. The built-in Midea air conditioners are the typical AC units that you may find in houses, apartments, and some offices. Meanwhile, the portable air conditioning units from Midea are more likely to be used in restaurants and cafes, bigger office spaces, and even at an outdoor party or event.

The contenders

The two Midea air conditioners that will be compared is the MSN-09CRDN1 built-in air conditioner (which will be referred to as “the built-in”) and the MPN1-09CR portable air conditioner (referred to as “the portable). Both of these Midea air conditioning units have their own strength and weaknesses along with different technology and innovations to keep you and your space cool throughout the hot Malaysian days.


Let’s compare the filters of the built-in and the portable first. The built-in Midea air conditioner is equipped with Fresco Tech while the portable Midea air conditioner has a Silver Ion Filter. The Silver Ion Filter helps eliminate bacteria by destroying the bacteria’s inner configuration and absorbing their cell elements. The Silver Ion Filter is made from Nano Silver and it helps in releasing Silver Ion continuously through the air.

On the other hand, the Fresco Tech equipped in the built-in air conditioner has the Silver Ion Filter and more. Aside from the Silver Ion Filter, the Fresco Tech feature also has the Bio Filter, Negative Ion Filter, and the Ionizer. The Bio Filter consists of enzyme, fungi, and HEPA filter to help catch small dust particles, microbe, and bacteria. The Negative Ion Filter and the Ionizer both release negative ions to eliminate odor, sterilize and purify the air, and get rid of bacteria, smoke, and pollen for a cleaner, fresher air.

If the filters are the most important aspect for you, then based on these specifications, the built-in Midea air-conditioner is the right one for you due to its different types of filtration systems

Cooling Capacity

The most important thing when it comes to air conditioning units is, of course, the cooling capacity. Both the built-in ad the portable Midea air conditioners have a cooling capacity of 9,000 Btu/h. However, the built-in is a little more special; the minimum cooling capacity of the built-in is 3,300 while the maximum is 11,5000. This means that you can adjust the cooling power as low or as high as you want.

Based on these specifications, it seems like the portable air-conditioning unit can only be set at one temperature or cooling setting while the built-in Midea air conditioner can be adjusted. Depending on your need to adjust the temperature, both can be an ideal choice for you and you living or working space. Ideally, the built-in air conditioner is more superior due to their ability to be adjusted.

Other pros and cons

There are so many other factors that one can reflect on before choosing between the two like the ease of maintenance, portability, price, and more. If you need an air conditioning unit that will effectively cool down the whole room in an instant, then you should choose the built-in Midea air conditioner. However, if you need an air conditioner that can easily be moved around and be used outdoors, then the portable Midea air conditioner is the one for you.

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