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Top 10 Trending FIFA World Cup 2018 Jerseys in Malaysia

21 June 2018 | Ben Sim

The FIFA 2018 World Cup is here and the fight is on! This time around, adidas and Nike pulled out all the stops to create some of the most beautiful jerseys we have ever seen. Here are the hottest selling World Cup 2018 jerseys right now in Malaysia.

10. Belgium 2018 World Cup Home Jersey

The Belgium home jersey has a retro look inspired by the iconic 1984 design, one of the national team's most iconic designs ever. The jersey comes in red and uses yellow for the Adidas logo and dark red for the 3 Stripes, which run down the sides. The shirt features a rather unique graphic print on the front. It consists of an argyle in the colours of the Belgium flag - black, yellow and red - with the federation badge in its middle.

9. Japan 2018 World Cup Home Jersey

Unlike other World Cup jerseys inspired by designs in the 80's and 90's, the Japan home jersey takes no cue from past shirts and has a bespoke look inspired by traditional samurai armor instead. The jersey comes in traditional blue with an EQT collar. The front print of the jersey consists of dark and light blue stripes, complete with white 3 Stripes on the shoulders.

8. Brazil 2018 World Cup Away Jersey

The Brazil away jersey comes in royal blue with an interesting, unique stars graphic covering the front. It is both fresh and a well-known look for the Brazil national team. Completing the jersey is blue and yellow taping found on the upper back and the collar of the shirt.

7. Germany 2018 World Cup Away Jersey

The Germany away jersey takes a cue from the away shirts of the early 1990s and particularly 1994. The jersey has a retro look in blueish-green - officially called 'EQT Green', making it the first green Germany away jersey since Euro 2012. This jersey will please most traditionalists as it's one of the most easily recognizable Germany away jersey colours. A graphical pattern inspired by the late 80’s and early 90’s covers the whole front and sleeves of the shirt. White ascents in the form of stripes on the shoulders, adidas and federation logos complete the jersey.

6. Argentina 2018 World Cup Home Jersey

The Argentina home jersey draws inspiration from their 1993 Copa America shirt. It pays homage to the last time Argentina won a major title. The jersey comes in white with three large sky blue vertical stripes on the front and back. Black 3 Stripes adorn the shoulders.

5. Argentina 2018 World Cup Away Jersey

The Argentina away jersey features a modern interpretation of the 1993 Copa America classic. The jersey is black with white and sky blue stripe patterns on the upper sides, with white 3 Stripes on the shoulders.

4. Nigeria 2018 World Cup Home Jersey

The Nigeria home jersey comes in a striking bright green with white chevron on the front and back, while the sleeves are white with black chevron. Loosely inspired by the 1994 design, this jersey has been making rounds on social media as the most stylish World Cup jersey this year.

3. Brazil 2018 World Cup Home Jersey

The Brazil home jersey continues with its traditional eye-catching yellow shirt, combined with green detailing. The jersey features a very subtle zig-zag /pattern on the sleeves. The inside collar of the shirt shows a 'Seleção' pride crest.

2. Germany 2018 World Cup Home Away

The Germany home jersey draws inspiration from the team's most iconic shirt design of all time - the 1990 design. The shirt is mainly white with a modern grey and black graphic on the upper area.

1. Spain 2018 World Cup Home Jersey

Touted amongst the best looking jerseys for the World Cup 2018, the Spain home jersey is inspired by the 1994 edition. The home jersey is in red, with yellow, blue and red diamond graphic on the right side.

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