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9 Best Mini Rice Cookers for Students in Malaysia 2018

25 June 2018 | Ben Sim

Mini rice cookers are a must for students. They make cooking easier, faster and of course, saves you a lot of money. The good news is there’s a lot of inexpensive and handy rice cookers if you know where to look. If you’re a student looking for a mini rice cooker that’s portable and cheap, this list will help you find your ideal rice cooker.

Elba ERC-D1233 Mini Rice Cooker

A household name in Malaysia, Elba has been a trusted brand in appliances for years. Their mini rice cooker is no exception. It has a simple and clean design.

On top of cooking rice with its removable non-stick inner pot, it also comes with free measuring cup, rice scoop & steamer box. For all you meal preppers, you can reheat your meals with just a click on its one and only button.

Midea Mini Rice Cooker 1.0L

Cook rice fuss-free with this mini rice cooker from Midea. After cooking your rice, it automatically switches to keep warm. It also comes with a removable steam vent for easy cleaning and an easy-to-use one button operation - cooking rice as never been easier.

Tefal 0.7L Mini Rice Cooker

Enjoy your favourite cooked rice, congee, noodle and more - ready before you even arrive home with the Tefal Mini Rice Cooker. It comes pre-installed with different functions to cook different carbs from brown rice to instant noodles to porridge. Yum.

What’s more, you can set this cooker to cook 24 hours in advance so you can arrive home, kick your shoes off and enjoy a nice, warm meal. Best of all, you can easily clean the pot afterwards with its removable inner pot with ceramic coating. Because of its small size, it’s easier to clean even in small sinks!

Ariel AR-12A Mini Rice Cooker

The Ariel mini rice cooker is both friendly, fun, and comes in a variety of colours. Inside it is a removable pot to cook your rice and steamer box to cook up your vegetables, fish, chicken, anything you so choose. You can also use the pot to stew soups, too.

MIO MINI Rice Cooker

If the other rice cookers look alike to you, here’s one that comes in multiple colours and design! The MIO MINI rice cooker comes with 360 degrees heating, giving you even cooking. Highly versatile, you can stew congee, boil soup and steam vegetables all with this small rice cooker.

Y-DFH3 Multifunctional 3 Layer Steam Cooker

If cooking rice and one dish sounds too plain for you, then try this 3 layer steam cooker from Y-DFH3. Every layer cooks at the same time! While you’re cooking rice, you can boil soup and steam your favourite dish. It’s multifunctional and portable with its handle.

GB-202 Mini Rice Cooker

This cooker comes with three dimensional heating, for a perfect and evenly cooked rice! Also, if the cooker detects a water shortage for whatever reason, it will power off automatically - no hard and stale rice that way! Available in marshmallow pink and sky blue.

Milux 0.3L Mini Rice Cooker

Looking for a rice cooker that’s really small? Look no further than this rice cooker from Milux. This rice cooker has a capacity of 0.3 litres only. Besides being cute and cool, the transparent glass lid lets you check how things are cooking - a great way to check if your dishes are cooked perfectly.

XBRC01 Non-Stick Hidden Handle Mini Rice Cooker

This mini rice cooker has a capacity of 1.2 litres, making it perfect for cooking porridge. Don’t worry about harmful chemical leaching into your food as this cooker is made of PP plastic. It also comes with a handle, making it easy to carry around. You can also cook one-pot stews, boil eggs and even fry veggies with this rice cooker!

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