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Have a Good Night’s Sleep With These 8 Mattresses

26 June 2018 | Ben Sim

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. So it makes sense to invest in a quality mattress. But not every mattress is the same - there’s latex, memory foam, bamboo and others. This list will help you find the one that matches your specific needs.

Therapedic Eco Fresh 12-Inch Spring & Latex Chiropractic High-Quality Mattress

Best orthopedic latex mattress

The Therapedic Eco Fresh 12-inch mattress is made from 100% reinforced latex material and incorporated with an orthopaedic spring system. Besides promoting spinal health, it comes highly recommended for sleepers who often suffer from back and joint pains.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen and King

Kuaile Vono Ortho Saver Mattress

Best bamboo mattress

The UK-brand Vono is a household name in Malaysia, they are known for their reputation as a renowned mattress specialist since 1896. The Ortho Saver from Vono incorporates the brand’s advanced Intalok Back Support System, which is designed to support your body weight and alleviate back problems.

A special feature of this mattress is that it’s made from bamboo yarn fabric, ensuring your bedtime feels cool and comfortable. Bamboo yarn is highly breathable and 1.5 times higher moisture absorption than regular cotton fabric.

Sizes available: Single, Twin, Queen and King

King Koil Embassy 11-Inch Chiropractic Spring Mattress

Best innerspring mattress

If you suffer from lower back pain often, check out the King Koil Embassy series. The Embassy series is made from King Koil’s reputable Chiropractic Coil spring core system. It gives you all the back support with an added rebound foam layer for a comfortable and good night’s sleep.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen and King

Fibre Star – Coconut Fibre Portable Folding Mattress 3’ x 2”

Best foldable and portable mattress

If you’re a frequent traveller, a foldable mattress is what you just might need. Enter Fibre Star, a local brand synonymous with 100% coconut fibre mattresses. It is comfortable and back-friendly, which promotes your spinal posture. The mattress is also lightweight enough to carry around and small enough to tuck away in the closet when needed.

Sizes available: Single

SweetDream Dream Two

Best cotton mattress

The SweetDream Dream Two is 12 inches thick and made of high-quality cotton fabric, which is both absorbent and comfortable enough for a good night’s rest. It comes with an individually pocketed spring coil support system, making your slumber all the more soothing and bound to make you have sweet dreams on your own. For further peace of mind, this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen and King

Dreamland 8” Cabana Latex Foam Mattress

Best firm foam mattress

If you prefer your mattress to be firmer and tad bit thicker, the Dreamland 8” Cabana is worth checking out. The mattress is made from latex-infused foam, making it tough and comfortable enough to give your body a satisfying level of rest and support during bedtime. You can also turn your mattress periodically as both sides are usable.

Sizes available: Single, Super Single, Queen and King

Intex Queen Size Inflatable Air Bed Mattress

Best air mattress

Sometimes even a foldable mattress can be too bulky for certain activities. That’s where the inflatable air mattress from Intex comes in. This mattress is made specially for both indoors and outdoors activities such as camping and picnics. It can be deflated and put away for easy storage when not in use. Best of all, the air mattress is spacious and comfortable enough to sleep wherever you are.

Free Flow Full Motion Hardside Waterbed Mattress by Innomax Cal King

Best waterbed mattress

Experience the sensation of sleeping on floating water with the Innomax Cal King’s waterbed mattress. At a measurement of 72 inches x 84 inches, it is made from high-quality vinyl construction, complete with reinforced corners. You can sleep peacefully knowing this waterbed is leak free and will last for years.

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