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Bernikah with these 22k Gold Rings from Poh Kong

05 November 2017 | Jillian Cheong

Tiffany blue boxes are synonymous when it comes to getting hitched but, to be honest, diamond rings are overrated. Instead, couples should opt for gold rings as it is classic yet fashionable.

Although we often associate gold with the bright yellow shade, there are other types of gold which are in white, rose, and the lesser known green. The karat mark “k” is to identify how much gold content is in the jewelry. There are other affordable gold plating options which are gold layered, gold leaf, gold plated, gold overlay, gold filled, and vermeil. Most of them are in the 10k bracket. Make your engagement a memorable one with these 22k gold rings from Poh Kong.

Bunga Raya Ring

The floral motifs on the ring such as the Bunga Raya (national flower of Malaysia) adds the perfect touch of art and beauty of culture, harmony, and nature. The Hibiscus is elaborately carved into the centre that adds to its enchanting appeal. It is a representation of Asian beauty as it symbolises modesty and refinement. Classic in every way, the Bunga Raya ring will never go out of style. A truly one-of-a-kind jewelry, it is versatile and will surely stand out during your wedding ceremony.

Tranz Love Ring

Staying true to the series name, Beedazzled is inspired by honeycombs, it represents the sweetness and purity of love. The Tranz Love Ring is carved intricately with each golden honeycomb being symmetrical to each other. Poh Kong’s line of Tranz jewelry aims to appeal to the urban men and women as you can see with the contemporary design of the ring.

Melur Ring

Embellish your special occasion with the graceful Melur flower. The Anggun collection makes its tribute the flora often found in Malaysia. With their evident unparalleled craftsmanship, the Melur ring brings the elegant yet sophisticated flower to life.

EmbrasseR Purest Ring

It is a trend for many couples to gift each other couple rings. If you’re looking for something more exquisite to gift your partner, EmbrasseR purest rings are a combination of pure platinum and pure gold. This product of Japan is considered the rarest of all. The two outer bands are made out of platinum with a gold centre. On top of that, the ring for her has a diamond wedged between the two gold bands, giving it an elegant touch.

Not planning to get hitched anytime soon? You can always treat yourself to some fancy jewelry with Poh Kong Malaysia. Check the out below!

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