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  • Attention Malaysian Toy Collectors! Here are 5 Susah Dapat Marvel Toys Fresh from #SDCC2017

Attention Malaysian Toy Collectors! Here are 5 Susah Dapat Marvel Toys Fresh from #SDCC2017

20 July 2017 | MJ Mendoza

The largest gathering of cosplayers, gamers, comic book fans, and nerds in general, San Diego Comic Con 2017 finally opened its doors to the world. For 3 days, everybody's going to be so hyped up about new superhero movie trailers, upcoming game releases, gadgets, and new toys that you can't wait to get your hands on. It's a magical place where every nerd dreams of going.

With Marvel taking the reigns in this year's superhero movies (with the exception of Wonderwoman which was mindblowing btw), it's only understandable that we look forward what they have to offer for nerds like us, especially when it comes to toys. #SDCC2017 has a lot in store for us when it comes to Marvel toys and sadly, they can be susah dapat for Malaysian toy collectors. Below are mouth-watering toys fresh from this year's Comic Con.

Marvel Legends A-Force Set

You can't call yourself a Marvel fan if you don't know the members of the A-Force. Created during the Secret Wars, the A-force is an all-ladies team debuting in 2015;think of them as the female version of the Avengers (hence the dU the"A-force"). Familiar names such as She-Hulk - who's named as leader of the group, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Lady Sif as well as new characters such as Singularity are members of this femme fatale squad.

12-Inch Marvel Legends Daredevil

Earning 8.7 out of 10 on IMDb and 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, Daredevil is back on his feet since the unfortunate 2003 film starred by Ben Affleck (we just couldn't forget it, can we). With season 3 just around the corner, Matt Murdock is c7 popular than ever. Immortalized in a 12-inch ha figure that comes together with alternate weapons, hands, and head;pretty cool, huh?

Hot Wheels Spider-man Spider-mobile and Deadpool Buggy

While it doesn't really make sense why a web-slinging superhero in the most densely-populated cityscape would ride a car, it does make a nice toy and Hot Wheels collectors are salivating for it. This 1:64-Hot Wheels version of Spider-man's most confusing accessory also has Deadpool kv which makes c7 sense than the former.

Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard Set

Coming out this fall, it only makes sense for Marvel to release a toy set for Thor:Ragnarok. The set comes with 5 ha figures of Asgard's heroes and villains. The set features characters such as Bor, Malekith, Ulik the Troll, and most importantly, it's also the first toy set to feature Jane Foster as the new Thor. Come to think of it, will it be part of the movie?

Spiderman and Venom BrickHeadz

Of course, this cZ wouldn't be complete without something from Lego. Introduced on last year's Comic Con, BrickHeadz is back with Spiderman and Venom. This set is super susah dapat since it's only going to be available from July 20 to 22. Only a few toy collectors will be able to get their hands on these puppies for $40 a pop.

This year's Marvel toys are definitely one of a kind. They may be hard to get for Malaysian toy collectors but they are definitely worth it!

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