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7 April Fools Day Pranks You Can Pull on Monday Under RM20

23 March 2018 | Ben Sim

It's that time of year again.

The truth is, we all Malaysians can't resist the opportunity to prank our colleagues at work. Spice up the office days a little (especially the Monday Blues).

But we never or rarely do. It's too much of hassle to look for a prank shop, make sure it's the best price, get into your car, turn on Waze, navigate through traffic (maybe even pay toll) and find parking (sometimes scavenging coins to feed the parking meter), make sure you are not getting ripped off by the seller, and more just to pull a simple prank.

With that in mind, we here at iPrice wanted to take the hassle out of fooling your friends and give you the most savage/hilarious pranks AND the most cost-effective, all under RM20.

Here’s an ingenious list of pranks you can pull on your unsuspecting work buddy on Monday.

1) Clear Food Wrap Over Toilet Bowl


While it’s bad enough to see your toilet full occupied when you “REALLY got to go”, imagine the horror when they blast their past into the toilet bowl and have it slingshot back at them.


Items needed: Clear food wrap

Cost: RM10 and above

Reusable? Can be used for food in the pantry (not advised to bring the whole roll into the toilet for the prank, just tear needed amounts and go in to set up your toilet landmine).

2) Print Out on Ceiling


Print out a huge scary picture and paste it to fit your office ceiling boards.

Items needed: A large printer, paper, a scary picture from Google search.

Cost: If you have an office printer that prints huge pictures, would cost you less than RM1.

Reusable? For Halloween!

3) Sitting Out Loud


CLASS(SIC!). Just place an air horn under your pal’s adjustable seat and have him make sounds the janitor would be afraid of.

Items needed: Air horn and tape.

Cost: Starts around RM20. For good air horns, it would be cost RM40+ (We know we overshot, but if you want a good and reusable air horn, it's pricier.)

Reusable? Yes! For emergencies or just plain annoying people.

4) Mouse Problem


Probably one of the easiest tricks to pull (but lacks the kick) is taping your friend's mouse.

Items needed: A good Problem? Face printed on paper, tape.

Cost: Less than RM1

Reusable? Only if you insist...

5) Having Another Leader On the Wall


If your office has a wall where employee portraits are shown - place a picture of other people your company would find surprising.

Items needed: A printer, good picture from Google, frame.

Cost: RM12 and above for picture frame.

Reusable? Yes. Just reuse the frame for other pictures.

6) Bathroom Occupied FOREVER


Ouuch this is horrible - imagine the pain of the office worker “holding it in” outside this occupied booth. The PAIN!

Items needed: A pair of jeans and shoes.

Cost: You can use any old pairs at home. You can buy online too here at iPrice.

Reusable? Only if it is the right size for you.

7) Mentos + Cola = Explosion!


A super simple trick to cause massive “explosions” at the office.

Items needed: Mentos, dental floss and Coca Cola.

Cost: Less than RM20 for all three items.

Reusable? No.

So there you have it, 7 practical (and cheap) ways to get huge laughs at the office come April Fools Day. Now isn’t the time to clown around, get crackin’!

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