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6 Pomade Hairstyles for the Modern Man

16 October 2017 | Joel Vijay

It takes seven seconds to make a first impression. As the first few seconds are focused on the hair and facial grooming, the modern-day gentleman is equipped with an array of hairstyles to look sharp, professional and ultimately, manly. Enter pomade – every man’s best friend in grooming. Pomade is one of the essential hair products every man must own – it helps to keep your hair in place and allows for maximum styling both after and before a haircut. Here are 6 pomade hairstyles for the modern-day gentleman that you could try at home.

The Classic Pompadour

The term ‘Pompadour’ is a name of King Louis XV’s mistress. In today’s world, however, it is used to describe a particular hairstyle for the modern gentleman. The Classic Pompadour’s signature giveaway is its Elvis Roll just above the forehead, sweeping to the back of the temple. A fade or tapered side allows for maximum emphasis on the volume of the top portion of the head.

How to style: Blow-dry your hair after a shower and use a rounded brush to curve the hair from the front to back in an upwards-circular action. Dip your finger into the can of pomade (preferably medium hold, low shine) and lather it in both hands. Run your curved fingers through your hair from the back of your head.

Use a wide-tooth comb or rounded hairbrush to get an even look from front to back. With the help of a hairdryer, blow your hair upwards while using the brush to curve it. After a few light strokes, you should have a beautiful Classic Pompadour.

American Crew Cut

If you don’t want to stand out in a crowd, you could opt for the American Crew Cut hairstyle. As opposed to the Pompadour, the American Crew Cut is not as defined. From a first glance, you get an average-Joe impression. But look a little closer and you will find this timeless hairstyle works for both work and play.

How to style: After a wash, towel dry your hair. Now smoothen a dab of pomade on your hand. Work it into your fingers and run your fingers through your hair in an upwards motion. The trick is to gather your hair in a uniformed wave. You could gently part it to one side if you like too.

Side-Part Fade

The side-part hairstyle has long been a part of men’s dapper fashion. Known as the Gentleman’s Hairstyle, the side-part is perfect for formal functions. Depending on which direction your hair grows, the parting will be on the opposite side. Most working professionals who sport this hairstyle tend to have the glossy, slick look.

How to style: Mildly wet hair with a spray. Lather a dollop of pomade onto your hands and run it through your hair from the parting towards the ends of your hair. Now grab a medium-width comb and slide it through from the parting. Put pressure on each slide if you want your hair to stay down. If you want more volume, use a hairdryer and push each swipe of the comb upwards. Remember to do the sides too.

The Slick Back

Much like the side part, the slick back is often glossy. Gentlemen beware, many women do not take a liking to slick back glossy hair. But if you feel comfortable, go ahead and try it. The slick back is basically the side-part hairstyle without a side-part.

How to style: Apply a generous amount of pomade to your fingers and work it into your hair. Start from the back of your head to get maximum coverage. Now grab a wide-tooth comb and glide from front to back. With your other hand, hold the hair in place as the comb sets it.

Modern Quiff

A quiff is described as a piece of hair, especially on a man, brushed upward and backward from the forehead. You may think that sounds like every other hairstyle mentioned here except the side-part. Guess what?! You are right!

A modern quiff is a modified version of the Pompadour. But unlike the Pompadour, the quiff takes a casual approach to thick hair. Quiffs are versatile enough to be styled with long and medium length hair too.

How to style: Style it much like a Pompadour, but use both warm and cold air through your hairdryer to get a light and fluffy feel. Now shape it with a little pomade and a combination of a vented brush and round brush. A quiff is perfect for highlights as it emphasizes the ends of each strand of hair.

Spiky High Fade

Go back to the 90s with a spiky high fade. As this hairstyle was the in-thing in the late 90s and early 2000s, spikes make you look young and pop-fresh. A spiky high fade only works with short hair as the hair is easily shaped upwards.

How to style: On short, damp hair, apply a swab of pomade onto your fingers and rub it into your hair starting from the middle of the hair length to the tip. As you reach the tip, pull your fingers closer to each other to create a sharp shape. If you find your hair curving backwards or to the sides, it is too long to be spiked up. Go ahead and get a trim or work around a longer hair length.

Ultimately, a great hairstyle requires time, effort and the right product. Pomade will be your best friend in each step of the process. Talk to your local barber and get some pointers on which pomades are the best. Or check out these products below.

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