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5 Reasons Why Malaysians Can’t Resist Shopping Online

08 November 2018 | Joel Vijay

Every Malaysian gets turned on by one word – Sale. We cannot resist the thought of shopping when prices are slashed. What’s more, we get to brag about shopping at a sale and display our loot to friends and family. These days with online shopping becoming the norm, we satisfy the need to purchase all our merchandise with a few clicks on a smartphone. As of 2017, 76% of Malaysians shop online at least once a month, that’s a huge majority.

But what makes online shopping so irresistible? We’ve looked into the reasons and compiled five of them below.

1. Shop from Literally Anywhere

Taking cues from the West, Malaysia has moved into a world of endless online possibilities. Our smartphones are tools to everything from research materials to online banking. To streamline everyday purchasing, we turn to online shopping.

The beauty of shopping online is the ability to shop from virtually anywhere (granted there is internet connectivity); we’ve all experienced it. A dull day at work is brightened up by shopping on the Lazada app or making a last-minute purchase for a friend’s birthday present after she shows you a picture of the shoes she likes. You could even be on a vacation somewhere on a remote beach and make a purchase for an item you need.

2. The Excitement of Completing a Purchase

You may not realize it, but the entire process of online shopping is much like a game. We experience the same endorphin-inducing rush when we are notified that our favourite item is on sale. This is where the concept of gamification comes in. Gamification is a modern term. It’s meaning is derived from the concept of gamifying an action.

When a process is made into a game, it becomes more enjoyable and, sometimes, addictive. That’s exactly how we love online shopping. Take for example the latest Lazada 11.11 sale. Themed as Lazada Wonderland, these exclusive vouchers feature your favourite brands in every category of shopping.

Making online shopping as a game creates the need to achieve something and have fun while doing it. Each time you purchase an item, you are rewarded with member points or discount vouchers to be used on your next purchase. This is where the thrill of purchasing an item comes in. In doing so, you experience the ultimate sense of satisfaction.

3. Comparing Prices Made Easy

Imagine shopping in retail; if you wanted to compare the price of a product in two different stores, you would have to travel to the other store to look at the price. Shopping online gives you the benefit of comparing the prices of products from various competitor merchants.

What’s better, you can even rate these items after you’ve purchased them. You can also read product reviews from previous customers who have purchased that item, allowing you to make an informed decision.

4. Free Shipping! Yay!

Many who do not shop online have an irrational fear of shipping fees. They believe that a product delivered from overseas incurs a large shipping cost. The truth is, many online merchants provide free delivery. These usually come with a minimum spent on each purchase. If you’re buying in large quantities, you generally pay lower courier fees. There are also online coupons and promo codes that give you discounts on your shipping costs. Yay!

5. Big, Bigger, Biggest Discounts

For a more comfortable shopping experience, most merchants create apps and web-apps for us to shop on. If you’re on-the-go, you can always order your favourite items online. The best thing about shopping through your mobile phone is that merchants often have exclusive deals for people who do. Merchants are quick to reward you for using their app and online services. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you can be one of the first people to get bigger promotions the next time you shop.

Some irresistible discounts coming soon are the Lazada Slash It sales and the Lazada Shake It deals. Slash It lets you slash your way to as low as RM0.10 on selected purchases within Lazada. Lazada Shake It gets you once-a-lifetime discounts on products when you shake your mobile phone. Shake to win vouchers up to RM111. The app randomly toggles products with discounts based on the latest offers. Crazy Flash Sales on 11th November (Singles’ Day) further gives you deals as low as RM1.

You get real-time updates on the latest promotions and can tap directly into the sale when you shop online. Year-end 12.12 sales and seasonal discounts are also brought to you directly via mobile app or web-app. How cool is that?! You can also pre-order products before they are released, giving you a head-start into the race for the product.

These are just some of the reasons why we Malaysians love our online shopping. If you haven’t tried purchasing online, what are you waiting for? Get online and start shopping today!

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