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5 Essentials to Create the Ultimate Ma’am Cave

27 August 2017 | Jillian Cheong

We have often heard of the term man cave, but rarely the female equivalent of it. The Ma’am Cave or more affectionately known as She Shed is an area for the woman of the household to escape as well as do whatever to her hearts content.

If you’re familiar with the popular TV sitcom Home Improvement, it often features Tim Taylor’s work-space which showcases his high-powered monster machines. Just like Tim’s man cave, there are various types of essentials that are needed in order to set up the perfect work/play space. Escape the daily grind with a sanctuary that you can have all to yourself!

Day bed

Knowing how to add the right furniture in your Ma’am Cave is important. If you wish to create a cosy environment, a day bed will be the perfect furniture for a comfortable haven. Due to its multipurpose functions, day beds are definitely more appealing than other bedding options. Sit, lounge, rest or get work done with this useful piece of furniture.

Emanate the Greek Goddess in you with these day beds below!

Mini Fridge

The key purpose of a Ma’am cave is so that you don’t have to go all the way to the kitchen to get a beverage or snack. That is the reason you need to have a mini fridge in your Ma’am cave. Although this area is meant to be a one-person space, you can simply grab a drink from the mini fridge if you have guests over. In the meantime, you can show-off this unique space that you’ve created.

Store your favourite snacks with these fridges below!

Full-length mirror

Ensure you look your best from head to toe with a full-length mirror! Other than making sure you look your best, it can work as a decorative piece in your Ma’am cave as there are quite a few different varieties in the market these days. The great thing about Ma’am caves is that you can also double it as a walk-in wardrobe. So, stash away all your favourite clothing item here and throw yourself your own fashion show!

Check out mirrors in various shapes and sizes below!

Fairy lights

Give your Ma’am cave a dreamy makeover with fairy lights and allow it to accompany you while you work late through the night. It could be hung near your daybed, full-length mirror or above your mini-fridge, it will still make your space look whimsical no matter where you hang them.

Now, you can Imagine yourself falling asleep under a sky full of stars with these lovely fairy lights.

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