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5 Things That’ll Make Your Ramadhan 2019 in Malaysia a Breeze

03 May 2019 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Ramadhan 2019 is approaching fast so get your affairs in order and prepare yourself for a month full of blessings. Fasting during the holy month might be challenging for some people, but with these 5 Ramadan tips, you can go through it with, figuratively, a piece of cake.

Keep track of your water intake

Just because you won’t be drinking anything during Ramadhan doesn’t mean you can lessen your water intake. Use a water bottle or tumbler with a measurement to ensure that you’re drinking the recommended water intake (2.7 litres for women and 3.7 litres for men) every day. You can strategically schedule your drinking time during Suhoor and after breaking fast with water bottles like the ones from Nalgene, fully equipped with measurements so you can stay hydrated during the holy month.

Take vitamins and supplements

You should always take your vitamins and supplements even if it’s not Ramadhan, but this month is when your body will be needing it the most. Since you’ll only be eating two meals every day, it won’t be sufficient to give you the nutrients that you need. Take multivitamins, Blackmores recommended, after your morning meal or add supplements into your smoothies and juices. These supplements include protein powder, minerals, chia seeds, and more.

Invest in a slow cooker

Trust us when we say that a slow cooker is a lifesaver. Having one in your kitchen will save you so much time, especially if you want to have a hearty meal to break your fast. Simply put all your ingredients into the pot in the morning and your dish will be ready by the time Iftar comes around. Use Lazada promo codes to get exclusive offers for popular pressure cookers from Panasonic and Faber.

Stock up on modest-wear

During the holy month, you’re expected to be more modest in the way you dress and behave. Start stocking up on your baju raya so you can turn up at open houses, Ramadan buffets, or any other events looking proper yet stylish. Get yourself high-quality baju kurung, baju Melayu, jubah, sarong, or kaftan that you can re-wear for next year’s Ramadhan. Check out Zalora promo codes that you can use when updating your wardrobe for Ramadhan 2019.

Plan your travels now

Planning to balik kampung for Raya? Better book all your tickets or accommodation in advance because it can get real crazy during the peak season. By pre-booking your tickets, you get to avoid queues and discover great discounts you won’t get anywhere else. Get your travel plans in order with Agoda promo codes to and find exclusive deals to slash the cost of your accommodation and transportation fares. You can also check out other travel promo codes to pre-book fun activities to fill your Raya holidays.

Since this is a month full of blessings, there are hundreds of other Ramadan promo codes that you can use to shop for appliances, electronics, accommodation, clothing, and more. Hopefully, these can make your Ramadhan a little bit easier.

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