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4 Reasons Why Perodua Makes The Best Cars for Fresh Grads

20 July 2017 | Joel Vijay

You’ve just graduated from college and you are looking to get a car. Every one of your peers has taken on the monthly commitment of paying for their ultimate mode of transport (and lifestyle) and you are pressured to follow suit. But take a look at your bank account and you will find your options are limited to Malaysia’s two national car brands – Perodua and Proton.

Albeit the long competition between the two local car brands, we have to eventually choose one. In the case of a first car for fresh grads, Perodua is the best choice you can get. Here are 4 reasons why you should choose a Perodua over a Proton.

Affordability… You Broke, But Need A Car

Being a fresh grad, you are broke AF. You are constantly reminded to spend within your means while being bombarded with dreamy advertisements of luxurious cars and sporty rides. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice all these with a low budget, and that is the best part about Perodua cars.

Think about it, most fresh grads are advised to spend a maximum of 15% on their monthly car installments. The average starting pay is RM2500. That would mean that the most you are supposed to spend on a car is RM375. Let’s look at a simple example of how that works out from this screenshot of Perodua’s loan calculator on the cheapest model in the market:

Well, well, what do you know… the monthly commitment is BELOW RM375! Perfectly suited to your budget.

It is no surprise that Perodua cars are affordable. What’s better, Perodua often offers you rebates depending on the season and festivals around the corner. If you can’t afford brand new, you could always look for cheaper options such as secondhand retailers like MotorTrader.

Irresistible Practicality

A cheaper car doesn’t always mean lesser features. Perodua proves that you can get affordable luxury. In the most recent models, the company has seen it fit to upgrade not only the engines, handling but also the electronics, seats and interior quality. Now all models have variants with leather seats, power windows, and even a push-start button. Perodua cars are also roomy enough to accommodate 4 passengers comfortably (although we Malaysians are known to pack more).

Safety is also a priority with Perodua. Most models come with ABS, airbags, and traction control although you may need to check if the lower-end models are fitted with them. Keeping up with today’s safety standards, Perodua cars give you the peace of mind to travel safely even on long distance journeys.

Modifying? No Problem!

Another vital question car owners will ask is “Can modify arr?”. The answer is “Of course la!”. The beauty of our local cars is the creative expression in each modification that we can do to our cars. Whether it is slapping on some sweet, large, chrome rims, or giving your car a stanced JDM look, Perodua cars are easily tailored to look and perform the way you want it. Another huge advantage is the ability to interchange parts with other Japanese cars, particularly Daihatsu and Toyota as some models share the same chassis. Add on your spoilers, skirting, halogen headlamps and window tint with ease.

Those Looks Though!

Perodua’s concepts are some of the coolest designs in the car world. Of course, their prototypes aren’t the same as the OTR models, but at least they implement certain concepts into these models. If you love hot hatches (hatchbacks) you will absolutely love Perodua’s Myvi and Axia models. Not to mention their older Viva, Kelisa and Kancil’s small practicality and style. To think that Perodua was launched 10 years after Proton but is way ahead in terms of styling and design, that is simply the final reason behind your decision to purchase one of the brands finest models.

So whether you are looking for a small car for your daily commute, ferrying the family around, or simply want a project car to modify, you can find each of these with Perodua.

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