4 Products you can get from Xiaomi Other than Smartphones

Jillian Cheong

Xiaomi is a brand synonymous with smartphones, but did you know that they have over 2,000 products under their belt?

From robot vacuums to personal transports, their wide variety of products are sold through the Mi Ecosystem label. It allows the China brand to partner with other companies in the country to produce smart home products. Take a look at the products below!

Xiaomi Mijia Juice Mixer

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If you do not enjoy eating fresh fruits, juices make a great alternative and a fun way to add them to your diet. The Xiaomi Mijia Juice Mixer utilises a unique rotary buckle design that makes it easy for anyone to install. Although the mixer is meant for juicing, you can utilise other ingredients to make baby food, grain beverages and more. Those who are constantly on-the-go will find this product very useful as it does not only function as a mixing cup but also a bottle. Simply remove the cup body from the juice extractor body and enjoy your favourite beverage anywhere and anytime.

Xiaomi Mi Band

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For the fitness enthusiasts, the Xiaomi Mi band an eye-catching device which is also simple to utilise. This line of low-priced wearables is the perfect way to track your fitness and sleep. For users who own a Xiaomi smartphone, you can sync up the band to it to get alerts for calls, messages, and various apps. Xiaomi recently announced the Mi Band 3 and it is rumoured to have a bigger, higher resolution OLED screen.

Mi Air Purifier 2

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The Mi Air Purifier 2 is one of the fastest air purifiers in the market today as you can get clean air in your room in just 10 minutes! You can also say goodbye to bulky purifiers, as this purifier is small, stylish and the perfect aesthetic for your home. Thanks to the 360-degree cylindrical filter, it can take in more air effectively and efficiently.

Mi Bedside Lamp

A quick way of upgrading your bedroom is to customize it with the Mi Bedside Lamp. It comes with 16 million colour options to match your mood. The brightness can be adjusted quickly and easily so that you can fall into dreamland effortlessly. Another feature of the Mi Bedside Lamp is its Night Mode. It allows the room to be well-lighted without providing any harsh glare.

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