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3 Yamaha Superbikes That Differentiate You From The Mat Rempit

30 July 2017 | Joel Vijay

The hate towards Mat Rempit has overflowed onto other bikers, even superbikers. But these Yamaha superbikes will differentiate you from the Mat Rempit and Minah Rempits.

We’ve seen them everywhere. The obnoxious, rude, and most dangerous motorists on our Malaysian roads – the Mat Rempit. Being a hazard to traffic is the least of their worries amidst wheelies, stopies, reckless lane-changing and a lackadaisical attitude towards road laws. Creating a culture of young-blooded hooligans, these biker gangs give all bikers a bad name.

As bikers, we know the feeling of being persecuted on the road. The discrimination that car drivers and others have towards motorcyclist is real. But to add to it, we have statistics that motorcyclist account for 60% of deaths on the road.

Although the motorist’s attitude, safety, and riding style is what ultimately sets us apart from them, there is another way to differentiate us from them – by riding these superbikes. Not just any superbikes, Yamaha superbikes. With the advanced technology and safety features of these 3 Yamaha superbikes, you’ll be a class above the bikers everywhere you go.

Yamaha R1

In the world of Yamaha automotive Supersport, the name R1, or YZF-R1 goes a long way. It signals power, finesse, flawless design, and an elegant sportiness. One look at the R1 and you know the rider is sophisticated, strive for excellence, and wants to be better than the competition. The fierce looks of the R1 – be it the older models or the 2017 model – creates a presence in its stance.

If there’s one Yamaha bike you’re gonna get, it should be a Yamaha R1. Winning championships under names like Valentino Rossi, the R1 has made Yamaha a household name. The engine specs of the latest R1 include the following: 998 cc liquid-cooled, 16-valve (titanium), DOHC, in-line four-cylinder with a cross-plane crankshaft. For those of you who love café racers and naked bikes, the R1 is the perfect choice for modification too.

Yamaha R1 (2017)

Yamaha R6

The younger brother of the R1, the R6 has a smaller engine, but the same aggressive looks as its older sibling. From its debut in 1998, the R6 brought in a power and performance with a 600cc engine. The R6 was the world's first 600cc production four-stroke motorcycle producing over 100 horsepower. The raw power alone from such a small engine is enough to propel you past the little 100cc bikes that the Rempit use.

As a Yamaha R6 rider, you can take pride in knowing that the R6 has seasons of Grand Prix winnings under its belt. With the capacity to reach 100km/h in 3 seconds, the R6 can outrun most of the bikes on the road. You can’t go wrong with the R6.

Yamaha MT-10 (FZ-10)

Now we enter the Hypernaked category. One look at the Yamaha MT-10 and you know you’ve graduated with the big boys. The sharp Decepticon-like looks with its aggressive front face and huge, contrasted Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport tire colours, the MT-10 is a striking presence on the road. Coupled with its deep bass of its sports exhaust system, the MT-10 puts out a sound that is nothing but music to a biker’s ears.

As for engine specs, the MT-10 sports a 998cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 16-valve DOHC inline 4 engine that is capable of putting out 158.2 horsepower at 11,500 rpm. Another reason the MT-10 brings you way above the likes of the Kapcai bikes and the small nuisance riders on the road is the fact that it is so rare. Be ready to get more than just stares from passers-by.

Given that the Yamaha MT-10 has street cred, you will want to look into it for your daily drive.

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