Which Football Boot Scored The Most Goals in the UEFA Champions League 2018-19?

Aldo Fenalosa

It's quite reasonable when people say that the UEFA Champions League 2018-19 is one of the most surprising seasons. Many of the results were unexpected, many big clubs performed far from expectations, and many fantastic goals were scored in a highly exciting & dramatic fashion.

Interestingly, 178 players scored a total of 360 goals (excluding own goals) and the usual star footballers standout: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Sergio Aguero, and many others.

But what is the secret to their greatness in scoring goals? Apart from their skills and dedication to the sport, equipment such as football boots also plays a vital role. Which boot can bring the best performance at a professional level? Which is the top goal-scoring football boot in UEFA Champions League 2018-19?

Using a combination of data from the UEFA website and Football Boots DB, the iPrice research team conducted a study to rank the top goal-scoring football boots used in the UEFA Champions League 2018-19.

Here are eight intriguing stats & findings from our study:

1. Only six football boot brands used to score goals in the UEFA Champions League 2018-19 tournament

There were a number of boots used by football players this season, but Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Under Armour and Mizuno were the only brands that helped players score all goals in the 2018-19 tounament.

2. Nike was the most widely used brand & scored the highest number of goals

Nike boots scored a total of 176 goals until the final phase of the Champions League this season. This number puts Nike on top of the list followed by adidas with 154 goals, Puma with 24 goals, New Balance with 4 goals, and Under Armour and Mizuno, both with 1 goal each.

3. The UEFA Champions League saw 360 goals scored this year using 18 different football boot models

A total of 360 goals were scored using 18 different models of football boots in the 125 main games of the Champions League this season. The main game started at the group stage with 352 players from 32 clubs which whittled down to just 22 players from 2 clubs at the final stage.

4. Nike Mercurial was the most widely used boots model for scoring goals

Nike’s Mercurial boot scored the highest with 90 goals in this year’s Champions League. The first runners up is adidas’ X model with 85 goals, and Nike’s Phantom VNM with 39 goals. However, Adidas X's performance was more prominent in the Champions League final as it helped Liverpool score its two 2 winning goals at the finals.

5. The 10 top UEFA goal scorers wore either a Nike, Adidas, or Puma boot

The top 10 goal scorers this season achieved a total of 64 goals. All of them wore either a Nike, Adidas, and Puma boots.

6. UFEA’s top goal scorer, Lionel Messi, wore adidas Nemeziz boots

Lionel Messi scored a total of 12 goals in this year’s tournament, 9 of which he made using his left foot and 3 others with his right foot. Messi has been wearing the same adidas boots since 2017. During this period of three years, he scored a total 106 goals in all major competitions.

7. 83% of all goals scored this season were from players wearing either an adidas or Nike boot

Notably, 83% of the overall Champions League goals this season came from adidas and Nike. The three stripes brand offered seven different shoe models, namely adidas X, adidas Nemeziz, adidas Predator, adidas Copa, adidas F50, adidas Glitch, and adidas 11pro. Nike's goals came from six different models, namely Nike Mercurial, Nike Phantom VNM, Nike Tiempo, Nike Phantom VSN, Nike Hypervenom, and Nike Magista.

8. American, German, and Japanese brands helped players score the most goals in Europe's largest club tournaments

The Champions League is not just a competition between the best clubs and players in the globe, it is also a battleground between the biggest football boot brands across the world. At this moment, German (adidas, Puma) and American brands (Nike, New Balance, Under Armour) stood out in boosting players’ game performance. One Japanese brand (Mizuno) contributed as much as 0.28% in goal production.



We're using a combination of goal scorer database from UEFA.com and football boot database for all goal scorers from Football Boots DB during tournament phase of UEFA Champions League 2018-19. We excluded the number of own-goal scorers. After collecting all the numbers, we sorted out all football boot brands and their series from the most to the fewer goals.

Noted: adidas with small “a” is a trademark from its brand’s writing style.

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