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Analyzing Consumer Complaints about E-Commerce in Southeast Asia

23 March 2017 | Jeremy Chew

In a recent article by, they highlighted that consumer feedback is vital to increase credibility and compel customers. As the e-commerce sector is booming in the Southeast Asian region, it is vital that e-commerce continues to listen to consumers in order to improve the sector as whole. In addition to this, a study by Bain & Company highlighted that consumers in the SEA region say they don’t fully trust e-commerce platforms and that these complaints are typical in the early stages at less developed e-commerce sectors.

There is much said about the potential of e-commerce in Southeast Asia. But what are consumers saying about e-commerce in this region? iPrice, a price comparison website partnered with Trusted Company, a 3rd party platform for consumer reviews recently conducted a study; analyzing 30,000 reviews (especially complaints) by Singaporeans, Malaysians, Thais and Filipinos.

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This article was first published on ValueWalk.

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