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Things you Regret Doing with Play-doh When you were a Kid

28 July 2017 | MJ Mendoza

Kids love it, adults love it, even more, Play-doh is one of the many things that made your childhood awesome. You can mold it into all sorts of stuff, making it into your makeshift food items for your play-kitchen, make animal figures, and create great art projects for school. It was a toy that always had a place in our hearts.

For a toy that brought joy into our childhood, it also brought heartbreaking moments brought on by a clash of reality and our childly imaginations. Here are some things that you regret doing with your Play-doh when you were young:

Mixing two or more colors together

If there's anything that we regret more with our Play-dos, it's this one. When we were kids, we had the impression that mixing two play-dohs together would create something so magnificent like this.

But, it turned out like the unholy union of the dirt under your keyboard and lettuce that's been in your fridge for three months that you never threw out.

… and thinking you could separate them afterwards

Immediately recognizing the fatal move, you then realized that you could no longer separate your two play-doh colors and you have ruined them forever. It's a never-ending cycle if you had play-dohs as a kid. Your parents buy a few for you, you play with them, get bored, join two colors, regret, and repeat.

Leaving it out for too long in the open

Whether you forgot the lid, lost it or simply left it out, one thing that you regret about playing with your play-doh is leaving it out in the open. Our simple minds did not know that play-dohs need moisture and would evaporate the moment it gets in contact with air. That is why you notice that it breaks up easily, the more you play with it. Sadly, our young minds are ignorant about physics laws.

Dropping it on dirt

If there's anything we were ignorant about when we were kids, it's the laws of gravity, and we learned it the hard way with our Play-dohs. Once you dropped them on dirt, there's no turning back. You'd be lucky if you can brush them off but once all those itty-little pieces of soil or sand get on there, there's no taking them off.

Thinking you could make art from it

When you got your first Play-doh, you thought you were going to be great at it. You had plans what you liked and even wanted to make a nice sculpture out of your pieces of clay. WRONG! What you made didn't even look like what you imagined it to be so you just give up and regret ever doing it.

Whatever it is that you may have been disappointed about Play-doh in the past, it's still a great toy to play with. Whether you're a kid wanting to redeem yourself, want to relieve stress or looking for a fun and engaging toy for your child, you would love to play with these Play-dohs.

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