Your Favorite NBA Superstars' Nike Kicks on Court

Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Here are some of the coolest Nike basketball shoes that NBA superstars have worn on court.

Whether it's the NBA playoffs or the finals, one of the hottest topics that get people talking is what kicks players wore on court. The basketball shoes they wear look flashy, feel great, and have a great impact on their in-game performance. Sneakers from Nike Malaysia are such a product; hence, many NBA players wear them on court. If you want to wear similar kicks as these basketball superstars, check out these 5 incredible basketball shoes from Nike Malaysia.

Nike Hyperdunk X

Worn by: Ron Baker, Marc Gasol, Draymond Green

Hyperdunk X is one of the most popular basketball shoes from Nike Malaysia in 2019. It has everything you would want in a sneaker, including impressive cushioning, durable upper, and killer looks!

Nike Kobe Ad Mid

Worn by: Darrell Arthur, Devin Booker, MarShon Brooks

Whether you are a guard, forward, or center, this basketball shoe will never let you down. It offers incredible stability, terrific cushioning, impressive support and a breathable upper.

Nike LeBron 16

Worn by: Lebron James, Torrey Craig, Miles Bridges

Lebron James fans and non-fans alike will adore these incredible shoes from the renowned player’s signature line. The Nike Lebron 16 is a step-up from the XV, boasting outstanding traction, great cushioning, and much-improved stability.

Nike PG 2

Worn by: Wilson Chandler, Paul George, Jayson Tatum

Paul George’s second signature basketball shoes, the Nike PG 2, is a huge improvement over the PG 1. It now offers more cushioning and better traction on rugged and uneven surfaces.

Nike Kyrie 4

Worn by: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Porter, RJ Barrett

If you are a fan of Kyrie Irving’s signature line, you will adore the Nike Kyrie 4. It is dubbed as the best sneaker of the Kyrie signature line due to its comfortable cushioning, well-made mesh upper, solid support, great fit, and incredible impact protection. It sure is a great pick if you are in the market for a reasonably priced, well-rounded basketball shoe.

While having any of these sneakers won’t guarantee to make you play like an NBA superstar, it will enhance your stability, grip, and comfort levels. Ultimately, if you are serious about acing your game, it's important to buy the right pair of basketball shoes.

Images courtesy of Nike.

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