Why You Should Get The Access Runway Smartwatch from Michael Kors

Yen Lyn Goh

Last August, Michael Kors launched its brand new Access Runway smartwatches that come with more upgrades. In its latest smartwatch that runs on Wear OS powered by Google, Michael Kors offers an option of an 18mm silicone strap and three other stainless steel options. Besides more choices in straps, there are multiple color options including gold, silver, black, rose gold, ceramic, two-tone and even rainbow.

Your On-The-Go Buddy

The Access Runway is perfect for working out and running without the companion of our phone. The smartwatch allows us to store music offline in its 4GB internal storage and leverage its own GPS system and heart rate tracking system. Your walking or running distance will be tracked via the GPS system, and like any other smartwatches, the app tells you the number of steps you take daily.

Get Creative with Your Watch Face

Another unique feature that’s developed by Michael Kors is the My Social App. With this app, you can customize your watch face with Facebook and Instagram pictures and decorate them with Michael Kors’ own stickers. Smartwatch users can add a little bit of their personal touch to their watch face with Michael Kors’ My Social App.

Swim-proof Technology and Google Technology

Its 300 mAh battery can last you the entire day and only takes about an hour to recharge. The Access Runway is also water resistant up to 30 meters, which means you can wear it while swimming for a short period of time, but not diving or snorkeling. In terms of notification and alerts, the smartwatch will display social media updates, text or email alerts and app notifications. Since the watch is powered by Google’s technology, Google Assistant, Google Pay, and Smart Help are available in this wearable device. Treat it like the tiny version of your smartphone, basically!

More Customization: Interchangeable Straps

Michael Kors can be best praised for its customizability as every Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch purchase comes with an extra buckle. When you’d like your smartwatch to be changed up a little bit, you can switch out the buckle. For more strap options, you can browse Michael Kors’ official website to check out other strap types and colors. The overall look is sleek and stylish. Despite being made out of stainless steel and metal, the smartwatch is actually light and slim.

Feeling the itch to get your hands on Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatch? You can now purchase it from Michael Kors Malaysia here and flex it when you’re out!

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