Weird Baju Raya Trends you Ought to See

Jillian Cheong

“Balik Kampung oh oh oh… Balik Kampung”. It’s that time of year again where every Muslim is anticipating the end of Ramadan to celebrate one of the biggest holidays in Malaysia – Hari Raya.

Muslims and even some non-muslims will be travelling back to their hometowns to celebrate this special occasion with their relatives while feasting on scrumptious traditional Malay food such as rendang, lemang, ketupat, kuih-muihs and more. Dressing up for Raya is also essential as everyone would want to look their best. Among all the fashionable Raya wear from Zalora and FashionValet, there are some rather quirky Baju Raya trends too.


Source: Zery Zamry

There is no exception when it comes to the Hipster trend. Local designer Zery Zamry adds a modern touch by including geometrical designs and graphics to the traditional Baju Melayu. The trousers are made to look like skinny jeans which is synonymous with the Hipster trend. If you wish to bring a little more edge to your Raya look, this collection will definitely suit you.

Jubah Pahlawan/Abang Sado (Warrior Robe)

Source: SAYS

I recently came to know of the term “Sado” which is a word derived from two malay terms ‘Besar’ (Big) and ‘Bodoh’ (Stupid). It is usually used to describe a guy who looks masculine and well-built. This line of men’s long Jubah was released by a local brand known as Farbel Exclusive back in 2016.

Source: Tsuru

It seems like the founder of the brand, Syubaili Aziz, was very much inspired by the Yukata as the similarities are uncanny.

Hello Kitty

Source: TheHive

I’m sure every Hello Kitty enthusiast will be delighted with this collection of adorable Baju Raya designed by cosmetic businesswoman Yus Amina Mohd Zawizah and Zabir Arfan. These local designers created their own versions of the Hello Kitty themed Baju Raya. Many netizens have voiced their disapproval of the designs as it looks like bed sheets and curtains. It even comes in matching couple outfits, so you and your beau can go house visiting in them!

Camouflage Kurta

Source: duniafashyon

Typically, the camouflage style would often be seen as a pattern on a uniform. The Camouflage Kurta is suitable if you celebrate Hari Raya in the typical kampung atmosphere as you can easily blend in with the surroundings and be one with nature.


Baju Raya for your Cats

Source: Geli-geli Kucing Instagram

If you want to look matchy-matchy with your felines this Raya, why not purchase these Baju Raya from the Purrfect Raya Collection! From Kurtas to Baju Kurung, Geli-geli Kucing offers a wide variety of traditional wear just for your kitties.

Would you try these weird baju raya trends? Please comment below!

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