Vans Collabs You Should Get Your Hands On Soon

MJ Mendoza

We have seen a lot of oversized footwear in the recent year and it’s usually a hit or miss. Balenciaga just looks plain ugly, FILA Disruptors are somewhat okay, Nike Airforce was the original, and now Vans is stepping into the platforms scene. First glance, there are definitely some mixed feelings in there but it’s definitely new!

The collection is officially called Vans Stacked which features their classic Era and Sk8-Hi series with huge platform outsole. According to Vans official press release, the shoes are going to have “oversized features and layers for an entirely new take on its heritage models”. Besides that, the colorways are inspired by 80s shows like Saved by the Bell. Nostalgic colors like purple, mint green and 80s inspired prints are also incorporated on the design plus it wouldn’t be much of a Vans shoe collection without the signature checkerboard print. There are four sneakers to choose from in this collection which is great for any occasion.

Vans Era Stacked

Imagine the classic Vans Era shoe but with a large outsole - that’s what you get from this reimagining of the signature Vans series. The top is completely white except for the black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the heel.

Vans Confetti Era and Sk8-Hi Stacked

Another version of the Era and Sk8-Hi with unique 80s-inspired colors with black and purple on the top and a hint of mint green on the sole and stripe. The reason, why it’s called “confetti” are the holo patterns on the outsole.

Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked

Another rendition of the Vans Sk8-Hi but this time in all-black color except for the signature Vans stripe as well as the black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the heel which extends to the outsole.

Vans Glitter Sid NI

This not-so-well-known classic is also getting Stack-ified. The original silhouette was first released in 1995 and getting a glitter makeover. One eye-catching aspect of this shoe is the embroidered vintage Vans logo where a stripe should be.

Although it may be from Vans, it’s not a performance shoe i.e. not great for skateboarding, BMX, or any other extreme sport. First off, it’s made from a canvas top which corrodes fast in contact with skateboard grip tape plus the height of the platforms might not be comfortable as well. Other than that, Vans Stacked is still a great casual shoe that’s as versatile as the others.

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