Vans Collabs You Should Get Your Hands On Soon

MJ Mendoza

When it comes to collaborations, Vans is one of the top brands that are doing it right. Whether you’re a shoe collector or simply looking for another go-to pair, you would want to look into these Vans shoe collaborations.


The people responsible for taking humanity to the moon is now sharing their designs with the common folk. To celebrate NASA’s 60th anniversary, the world’s resident rocket scientists collaborated with Vans and came up with a limited edition “Space Voyager” collection. It comprises of Old Skool and Sk8-Hi shoes with space suit colors, NASA emblems. If you’re a science geek, then having this on your shoe closet is definitely a must.

Fun fact: The NASA vehicle assembly in Florida is so big that it has its own weather. If it weren’t for the facility’s air conditioning system, there would be rain clouds would be forming inside the building.

David Bowie

If you’re a big Bowie fan, then chances are you must have a piece of this exclusive Vans collaboration in your shoe rack. This collaboration celebrates Bowie’s works in Space Oddity, and signature lightning bolt (take that Harry Potter!). The highlight of this collection is a bright red Vans Old Skool inspired by Ziggy Stardust’s red platforms.

Fun fact: In contrary to what other people believe, both of Bowie’s eyes are actually blue but was left permanently dilated when he was 15 after a friend punched him over a girl.

Toy Story

Toy Story was the reason as kids we sneak up on our toys which brings pleasant memories of childhood. The designs are, of course, inspired by characters from the movie. Part of the collection is a Sk8-Hi designed like Woody’s boots which meant it was completely brown with a silhouette of a cactus near the heel. Perhaps one of the best things about this collection is the “Andy” that’s written on the outsole which is pretty clever. Besides shoes, there are also apparel and accessories that would go well with your look.

Fun fact: Toy Story animators would strap boards to their feet to learn how green toy soldiers would walk.

Van Gogh

The collaboration that made every Tumblr fellow go crazy, Vans x Vincent Van Gogh is the aesthetic for hipsters. The collection has a myriad of shoes in your favorite Vans Authentic, Slip-On, and Sk8-Hi with iconic Van Gogh masterpieces such as his self-portrait, Sunflowers, Letters to Theo (Van Gogh’s brother), and Skull. Although the prints are not exact copies of the paintings, Vans carefully added a modern twist to Gogh’s iconic brush strokes and colors.

Fun fact: Vincent Van Gogh is the most celebrated painter in history but only sold one (1) painting in his lifetime.


With the recent success of Infinity War and Endgame, Marvel produced a collection with Vans that includes over 70 different designs. From clothing, footwear, hats, socks, and accessories in classic comic illustrations of your favorite superhero characters. If you’re a big Marvel fan, then this Vans collab counts as merch!

Fun fact: Marvel’s first superhero was the Human Torch - not Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four, but an Android that could control life.

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