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The Lowdown on Eye Bags and Dark Circles

29 August 2018 |

Nothing makes us look more worn out than dark circles and puffy eyes. But what exactly causes them and how do we alleviate the problem?

Here’s the lowdown on eye bags, and the solutions to banish them for good:

About Your Eyes

Did you know? The skin around your eyes is about three to five times thinner than the rest of the face. This means that area is most like to lack the collagen and elastin that helps to protect and plump our skin.

Plus, according to Guinness World Records, our eye muscles make approximately 100,000 micro-movements each day, so that is the area that works the hardest.

The Problem

There are very few oil glands around the eye area, which makes it drier than anywhere else. Its hydrolipidic film — the protective cover comprised of water, sebum, and sweat — is also much thinner. These, compounded with all that micro-movement, means that the area is more prone to fine lines.

To make matters worse, we tend to overlook that area when applying SPF, which is arguably the best topical defense we have against skin aging.

Causes of Eye Bags And Dark Circles:

1. Stress and Fatigue

Stress directs blood to our essential organs, giving us a paler complexion that emphasizes dark circles.

On top of that, fatigue slows down blood circulation, which appears around the eyes as puffiness and dark circles.

2. Diet and Allergies

Salty and/or processed foods are the biggest culprits of fluid retention, which causes temporary puffiness, especially in the eyes.

Puffiness can also be attributed to certain foods for some people. Wheat, in particular, has been known to lead to dark circles.

Iron deficiency can show up as bruised rings around the eyes, while too much alcohol in your system can cause dehydration, leaving eyes inflamed and irritated.

3. Medications

Some types of medicine can dilate blood vessels and reduce blood flow around eyes, which causes shadows.

4. Genes and Aging

Unfortunately, genes play a huge part in dark circles and wrinkles. And as our skin, bones, and muscles change naturally as we age, our skin begins to sag and the underlying fat becomes more prominent, appearing as eye bags, wrinkles, and dark circles.

5. Habits

Our eyes are sensitive and particularly responsive to changes in fluid levels in our body, resulting in puffiness. Sleeping with your face down can also worsen puffiness and swelling, making eye bags more pronounced.

How to Reduce Eye Bags And Dark Circles

Massage the area around your eyes daily to get the lymphatic system up and running. The lymphatic system is a complex network of organs and tissues that help to drain toxins.

To massage the delicate area around your eyes, simply apply some eye cream on your fingertips and start from the inner corners of your eyes, moving in an outward motion. To improve microcirculation, lightly pinch the skin with your fingers as you go along.

Even if you are constantly plagued by dark circles and eye bags, the good news is that, with the right eye care products and understanding of your condition, this is one problem you can fix.

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