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The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Gives Wearable Tech a Classic Twist

31 October 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Fossil may be known for its analog watches but there’s a new contender in the game that’s turning the heads of every horology enthusiasts. This Fossil smartwatch surely does look like your typical wristwatch but it’s so much more than that.

Combining smartwatch technology and a classic analog watch silhouette, the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch is a more elegant alternative to the other smartwatches available in the market today. Because of their classic appearance, you can pass this smartwatch in more formal settings. With this Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch, you can do more than just setting an alarm or turning on the stopwatch. Let’s see what else this unique wearable tech from Fossil has to offer.

Track Your Moves

Just like any other smartwatches, the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch can track your footsteps, daily calorie intake, distance, and calories burned. It can also track your sleeping schedule and provide a better and healthier sleeping schedule based on the analysis that you’ve inputted.

…And Goals

It doesn’t only allow you to improve your sleep but this Fossil smartwatch can also aid you in other goals like losing weight, increasing your water intake, improving your diet, or exercising more. On the mobile app, input all the details like weight goals, water intake, and so on, and the app will automatically synchronize all the data to your watch.

Phone Finder

Do you tend to forget or misplace your phone? With this Fossil smartwatch, you can find your phone as easy as a touch of a button. With the Fossil Q function, the watch will trigger your smartphone to play an audible alert. It’s loud enough to hear so no matter where you’ve left your phone, you will always find it.

Camera Shutter

Taking the perfect selfie or picture is a daily activity that all millennials and smartphone users tend to struggle with. The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatches allows you to take a photo with your phone using one of the buttons on the watch. This means you don’t need the ridiculous selfie stick to take that Instagram-worthy pic.

Keep Track of (International) Times

If you’re quite the jetsetter and often travel around the globe for work or just for fun, the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch can automatically adjust and auto-update the local timings. As long as you keep your watch connected to the Fossil Q app on your mobile phone, the watch will always adjust itself. You can also display more than one time zones on the face of the smartwatch.

Still confused about this smartwatch with a classic twist? Watch how easy Fred Fossil sets up his own Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch below.

Fossil – Timeless Timepieces

Since its beginning in the 1980’s, Fossil has brought functionality, affordability, availability, and class altogether in their timepieces. As a great alternative to Swiss watches, Fossil watches are always on par with its more luxurious competitors.

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