Switch your basic tudung for this new Nike hijab when working out

Febriana Ramadhanya

To active and sporty tudung wearers, finding the perfect hijab to workout in can be an impossible feat. Luckily for all sporty Muslimah, the Nike Pro Hijab is finally here to replace all of your basic tudung. This means no more stressing yourself out when picking up the perfect hijab for you to do your daily exercises in.

A hijab that’s as light as air

Your workout clothes and shoes aren’t the only ones that needs to be light and breathable. To make your workout more effective and easier, the items you wear need to allow you to move about freely and comfortably. Fortunately, the Nike Pro Hijab is as light as air and will give you all the breathability you need during an exercise. Similar to the Nike clothing, the Nike Pro Hijab is made from thin opaque mesh to make sure that your head gets plenty of circulation while exercising.

Minimalistic design

This new Nike hijab is available in black and obsidian. It also features a simple Nike Swoosh on the left side of the hijab. This new Nike hijab also comes with an elongated tail so you can tuck your hijab into your clothes for a more secure wear. Additionally, the Nike Pro Hijab can prevent irritation and chafing around the neck area caused by sweating and excessive rubbing on certain fabrics.

Affordable for a Nike product

The Nike Pro Hijab comes with a US$35 price tag. It may seem excessive to some but think how much you can save with this Nike hijab. The usual tudung that you wear for working out now was not built to withstand sweat or heat, shortening their wear period. This Nike hijab can be washed multiple times and the opaque mesh wouldn’t even budge. So, what do you prefer? Buying a 35 bucks hijab specifically made for sports and working out or a 50 ringgit tudung that you have to keep on re-purchasing?

Follow the footsteps of top Muslim athletes

The prototype of this Nike hijab was given to top tudung-wearing International athletes. This includes runner and a Nike Run Club Coach from Dubai, figure skater Zahra Lari and weightlifter Amna Al Haddad, also from the United Arab Emirates, and boxer Zeina Nassar from Germany. These ladies praised the Nike Pro Hijab, saying that they give a new sense of empowerment due to the fact that most sportswear brands tend to neglect Muslim women.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch your workout tudung for the Nike Pro Hijab. It’s available online and in selected stores across the globe. Don’t forget to pair your Nike Pro Hijab with top-of-the-line Nike shoes and other accessories to make the most out of your workout sessions.

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