Style Pointers to Take from Harry Styles' Gucci Pre-Fall Campaign

Febriana Ramadhanya

Getting a male celebrity to lead a campaign of a luxury fashion house is not a new thing. What sets the Gucci pre-fall campaign apart is it, and its leading male Harry Styles, embraces androgyny in the most Gucci fashion. Staying true to the label’s eccentricity, the campaign highlights bold colors, seasonal prints, unisex bags, and yes, farm animals.

The following are just some style pointers you can take from the Gucci pre-fall campaign with Harry Styles. By following these tips, you can look like a high-fashion connoisseur no matter where you are.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

Whenever he’s in his Gucci ensemble, Harry Styles can always be seen accessorizing. Whether with a bunch of rings, necklaces, or headbands, he’s not afraid to elevate his looks to the next level. Accessorizing can give so much more dimension to a boring, plain suit. Take inspiration from Harry Styles’ Gucci looks by adding silver rings, broaches, eye-catching necklaces, or headbands with contrasting colors to your outfit.

Or add a pop of color

Not ready to bling up your look with accessories yet? You can still elevate your outfit by color-blocking or incorporating bold colors. In their latest campaign, Gucci dressed Styles in an eclectic collection of suits, blazers, shirts, and loafers. Each individual pieces are adorned with eye-catching designs and patterns so it could stand out on its own. Yet if you put it all together, you’ll achieve next-level eccentricity that Gucci and haute couture enthusiasts can appreciate.

Bags are for all

It’s a mistake to think that handbags are only for women in this day and age. Gucci bags are created so meticulously, with designs that transcend gender identity. In the campaign, Styles can be seen rocking multiple purses (sometimes all at once) that are usually catered towards women. Don’t shy away from rocking a Gucci bag because they’re functional and oh, so incredibly stylish.

Embrace your femininity

Harry Styles’ Gucci pre-fall campaign differs from others because it allows the portrayal of a more feminine ambiance. He can even be spotted wearing pink nail polish at the Gucci Resort Show in May. You don’t have to reach Styles’ level of androgyny, but you can start with wearing colors or items that are synonymous to the more feminine side. Start wearing jewelry, bags, or other accessories that other people may deem feminine. This way, you can truly step out of the comfort zone and achieve fashion greatness.

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