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Stunning Longchamp Bags That Are NOT the Le Pliage

02 November 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

This French leather goods brand is perhaps known for their Le Pliage bags but there are more to Longchamp than their trapezoid totes. As one of the leading Parisian luxury brands, Longchamp carries some of the most stunning and fashion-forward handbags that are always revered in the fashion industry.

Mademoiselle Longchamp

The Mademoiselle Longchamp collection features trendy hobo bags in various colors and sizes. The most prominent feature of this Longchamp hobo bag is the perforated exterior as well as the bold clasp. Labelled as the quintessential French girl’s bag, the Mademoiselle Longchamp bags can fit all of your daily necessities with no problems.


The Effrontée bags are designed to combine masculine tones with traditional patterns inspired by the 19th century. The line consists of the Efrrontée Crossbody, striking a resemblance to the Louis Vuitton Series 7 bags, and the Effrontée Top-Handle to be carried under the arm or over the shoulder. You can choose the Effrontée bags between the color Red Lacquer, Pilot (blue-green), or Amethyst.

Longchamp 3D

The Longchamp 3D collection carries a variety of bag models but the most striking one is the Longchamp backpacks available in the sizes small and medium. Since many may not associate Longchamp with backpacks, these bags are a nice little addition to the brand’s whole product. Choose between the colors Brick (red), Cognac (brown), or Midnight (black), this sporty yet elegant backpack has accessible pockets, a roomy interior, and adjustable straps for a comfortable wear.


The Pénélope bag collection is one of Longchamp’s most eclectic line but its most recent release, the Pénélope Arty, is a geometrical masterpiece. The top-handled tote is spacious, able to fit a thin laptop and A4 papers. The silhouette is akin to the Longchamp Le Pliage but it doesn’t have the zipper or the front buttoned flap. The PénélopeArty bag is sold in the colors of Mimosa (yellow and orange), Red, and Amethyst.

Paris Premier

As another tote bag collection from Longchamp, the Paris Premier bags feature sharp, symmetrical lines for a more sophisticated look. You can choose the Paris Premier tote bag in the size small or large and in the colors black, grey, red, or taupe with the Longchamp logo printed in a small, minimalistic font at the front of the tote.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the Longchamp Le Pliage bags but since it is one of the most widely counterfeited bags in the world, it doesn’t hurt to also consider other types of bags from Longchamp.

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