On a budget? Here’s 5 holy grail Sephora makeup products under RM150

Febriana Ramadhanya

You don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to achieve maximum fleek-ness.

Expensive products don’t always guarantee a satisfying end result anyway. Like what people say, what matters is how you swing it. No matter how much a product costs, your skill is what matters. Nevertheless, there are several makeup products from the Sephora Collection that are insanely under budget to get you started into your cosmetics and beauty journey.

The Sephora Collection provides a more affordable alternative when compared to other featured brands like Kat von D, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, or Clinique. Whether you’re an amateur beauty guru or a professional makeup artists, you will want to check out these Sephora holy grails that are under RM150 to help you save a few bucks.

Cream Lip Stain, RM49

Forget the Kylie Lip Kits or the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipsticks. You can get high-quality matte lipstick for only RM49 with Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain available in 13 different shades. It has a matte, yet silky finish, so it won’t easily dry and crack your lips. It contains avocado oil and vitamin E, guaranteed to preserve the well-being of your lips. And the best thing about this Lip Stain is that you won’t have to reapply the product throughout the day due to its long-lasting power. Check out the Cream Lip Stain and other Sephora lipsticks below:

Sephora Color Lip Last Lipstick RM 56.00
Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick RM 46.00

Outrageous Curl Mascara, RM72

Say goodbye to falsies and get some thick, curly, and voluminous lashes by only spending 72 bucks. Many have praised the Outrageous Curl Mascara because it can easily separate the lashes, coat them evenly, and prevents it from clumping. The bristles on the wand is the perfect tool to coat smaller and shorter lashes. To exaggerate your lashes even more, you can try heating your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for 5 seconds, curl your lashes, and do a double coat of the mascara.

Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette, RM115

Think about how much you’re spending by purchasing individual shadows, palettes, blushes, or lipstick. But why do that when you can get it all at once with this compact palette? This palette is shaped like the good ol’ Sephora shopping bag yet when you open it, it contains 36 eyeshadows, 12 lipglosses, 4 blushes, 2 bronzers, complete with its own mirror. It’s perfect for travelling makeup artists or those who wants to practice their skills without having to buy lots of different products.

Triple Action Cleansing Water, RM25

Essentially, the most important part of putting on makeup is the prep and the cleansing regimen. Without proper cleansing, you are at risk of severely damaging your skin due to clogged pores, irritation, and more. This Triple Action Cleansing Water is your 25 Ringgit gateway to clearer and smoother skin. It has a built-in pump dispenser for more convenience, soap-free, and rinse-free. If the water solution is not enough to clean your eye makeup, check out the Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover also priced at RM25.

Mud Mask Purifying and Mattifying, RM80

Sometimes cleansing your skin with your usual face wash ain’t enough and just like your body, you need to take some supplements to fully rejuvenate the skin. Compared to other mud masks, this one from the Sephora Collection is rather affordable yet it does the job just fine. It’s perfect for people with oily, sensitive, and combination skin because it absorbs excess sebum (fancy term for oil) and is non-comedogenic (fancy term to signify that it won’t clog pores).

BONUS: Clear Medium Train Case, RM135

Now that you have all these products, did you think of where you’re gonna store them? You can choose to display and store your makeup products inside a case. But, makeup or train cases can have the tendency to be unbelievably expensive. Clean that clutter with this clear case at only 135 Ringgit. It has 11 adjustable compartments, two-tier stacking tray, and a security lock to keep everything in place.

With all that money you saved from buying the items above, you can go ahead and spend them on more high-end Sephora makeup products to balance out your cosmetics collection. You’re welcome!

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