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New Adidas Stan Smith will Shock Sneakerheads Everywhere 

14 July 2017 | Aaron Tam

Among the iconic Adidas sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith has been part of the staple streetwear since its debut in the 1960s. While it has tons of makeovers, but never anything quite like this. This coming September, you can swap your beloved classic Adidas Stan Smith pair for this latest version.

Here comes the all-new Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit, a pair of slip-on shoes that brings a refreshing, minimalist look. At first glance, the Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit shoes are totally different than the standard Adidas Stan Smith design that everyone is used to. In fact, there are a couple of details which may offend any avid Adidas Stan Smith purists. It is guaranteed to turn heads around with its controversial design.

New Details that May Offend Sneakerheads Everywhere

For a start, this newest Adidas Stan Smith looks fairly modern. As the original Adidas Stan Smith and later iterations are well-loved for championing the retro feel, the Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit shoes may as well become a distinct class of its own.

Like its name, this exceptional Adidas Stan Smith features an upper built with the legendary Adidas' own Primeknit technology. This fashion crowd's favorite technology not only makes the Adidas Stan Smith shoes look cool and breathable but also eliminates a lot of wastes during its production process.

Since the classic Adidas Stan Smith design incorporates the heavier rubber sole, the Primeknit element is the perfect balance for it. When you compare it with its previous Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit iteration, this particular pair will shock sneakerheads with its unorthodox design.

When this new kick drops, it will literally lit the proverbial fashion fuse.

The loaded Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit name has already hinted you that you can just slip it on in its sock-like construction. Omitting the customary perforated stripe design with Velcro-strap closures or laces, it appears that this Adidas Stan Smith pair now enjoys its minimalist remake. Once you slip it on, If anything, this construction is as radical and sublime as the Adidas NMD City Sock which sold out within the first hours of its release.

As of now, this Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit is available in either "Wonder Pink" colorway or the everyone's favorite green-and-white combination. Interestingly, online purchasers are able to customize each shoe's upper quarter with a phrase (8-12 characters). This distinct DIY element will make your Adidas Stan Smith shoes stand out from the rest. If you enjoy the combination of both NMD Primeknit sock and Stan Smith details, you can consider this particular design because it is just modern and minimal.

When this new kick drops, it will literally lit the proverbial fashion fuse. Despite its radical redesign, the Adidas Stan Smith shoes certainly need a "remake moment". One thing for sure, it is definitely Instagram-worthy experience that you can never expect from this Adidas Stan Smith Sock Primeknit shoes.

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