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Naelofar Hijab Style Tips for Beginner Tudung Wearers

20 September 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

What better way to welcome the season with impeccable outfits and easy-to-wear scarves from Naelofar Hijab? And just because you wear a headscarf doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your fashion sense. Prove the world wrong and fall into Autumn with these styling tips using your favorite Naelofar Hijab scarves.

Malaysian’s own sweetheart, Neelofa, have successfully founded and led her own headscarf brand, Naelofar Hijab. Their headscarf collections are targeted to young, millennial women who are seeking for new ways to elevate their modest looks through different hijab styles and outfit pairings.

Color-coordinate with seasonal colors

Malaysia’s whether can be a bit dull, so to combat the scorching heat of the sun or the coldness of the rain, try wearing seasonal colors to brighten up your outfit and your moods. Naelofar Hijab offers headscarves in various colors, so it’d be easy for you to find the perfect seasonal color to cover your head. For instance, it’s considered as fall now in most regions in the world so why not incorporate fall colors into your modest outfits?

Colors suitable for the season includes shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, blue, and brown. You can try to mix and match the fall shades into one outfit, like putting on a latte-colored Naelofar Hijab scarf with a maroon cardigan, skinny blue jeans, and comfy black boots.

Change up the hijab style

There are so many easy hijab styles that you can try to emulate. You can opt to look at hijab styling tutorials online or save time with Naelofar Hijab’s instant shawls. Some instant shawl style suggestions for you to try are the Latiffa New Edition collection and Dear Love collection.

The Latiffa New Edition instant shawls uses the best Korean chiffon to create a flow on the side of the face. On the other hand, the Dear Love collection incorporates an au courant design, a minimalist style with minimal embellishments and folds.

Incorporate statement pieces

To elevate your outfits to the next level, you can always either style it up with your Naelofar Hijab scarves or wear statement jewelries or accessories. If you’re wearing a matching sweater and headscarf, finish the outfit off by adding something bold and eye-catching. This can be done through a thick belt, a crystal brooch, or a chunky necklace.

Look for inspirations elsewhere

If anything else fails and you still don’t know how else to dress modestly as a beginner, seek inspiration from stylish hijabis online. Look through the social media profiles of local and international tudung wearers like Yuna, Dian Pelangi, Saufeeya B. Goodson, and Jaja Talib. You can always pick out the clothing pieces that you know will look good on you and try to emulate how the different styles of hijab that they wear daily.

Naelofar Hijab – Style and Modesty since 2014

Whatever way you choose to dress up in the beginning, there is one thing to keep in mind when curating your clothes and your headscarves. You must always find a balance between modesty and style and find a way so the two can live in harmony. Neelofa knows this can be difficult for some to achieve; that’s why she makes sure that Naelofar Hijab carries the chicest instant shawls around. Browse through Naelofar Hijab’s fashionable catalog below.

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