Millennials Everywhere Are Obsessed with These 5 Gucci Items

Febriana Ramadhanya

If you’ve noticed there are more and more people wearing Gucci products these days, you can blame the millennials for that. Even though it still maintains its status as a luxury fashion house, millennials are treating Gucci as another streetwear label. 55% of the brand’s sales for 2017 can be attributed to people under 35 which is something out of the ordinary as people in that age bracket don’t usually go for luxury-wear in the past years.

So, let’s take a look at which popular Gucci items drive the millennials crazy and had them hauling their derrières into their nearest Gucci stores.

Gucci Sneakers

Last year, we saw the rise of classic white sneakers thanks to Adidas Superstars and Adidas Stan Smiths. Gucci saw an opportunity and created their own version of the classic white sneakers, embellished with the quintessential Gucci designs of course. Since everybody was wearing the Adidas sneakers, the Gucci sneakers provide a classier alternative, symbolizing wealth and luxury.

Gucci Loafers

Another kind of Gucci shoes has recently risen and become one of millennials’ favorite things to wear. The Gucci loafers provide a more casual look without sacrificing its elegance and glamor. One can opt for the plain black Gucci Princetown loafers or those with more intricate embroidery and detailing. For an even more casual look, a millennial would often go for the Gucci sliders featuring red and green stripes.

Gucci Belt

The last time bold and bulky belts were a trending thing was in the 80’s but since it’s a Gucci belt that’s making a comeback, nobody’s complaining. The signature Gucci belt with the “GG” monogram looks great paired with blue denim or acid wash jeans as well as Gucci’s own sweatpants (which is also on this list). It’s a great way to complete one’s outfit without overcompensating it with flashy jewelries or accessories.

Gucci Handbags

This Italian fashion house is obviously known for its bags so Gucci handbags have to be on the list. Thanks to the brand’s current director, Alessandro Michele, and his visionary concept, Gucci handbags now stands apart from its other luxury brand competitors. Rather than sticking to its outdated anagram pattern, Michele utilizes embroidery and bold stripes to separate Gucci handbags from other luxury bags.

Gucci Sweatpants

In the past, Gucci may not be known among non-celebs for its ready-to-wear because of its inaccessibility and price tags. Now, however, from A-listers to university students are rocking the brand’s prêt-à-porter wherever, whenever. Among all its ready-to-wear pieces, the Gucci Striped Wool Silk Sweatpants stood out; people are rocking the pants casually or for a night out.

Gucci – Luxury Brand vs. Streetwear

With the line between luxury and streetwear blurring by the minute, it’s no wonder that so many millennials are treating Gucci as such due to their exposure to the brand’s items on social media. Also, with the collaborations between Louis Vuitton and Supreme, young adults everywhere are willing to spend a few extra bucks on luxury-wear so they can ride the millennial fashion bandwagon (and you should too!).

Gucci Bamboo 50ml RM 259.00
Gucci Premiere 75ml RM 19.59
Gucci Bamboo 75ml RM 22.90
Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Flori 100ml RM 145.00
Gucci Guilty Absolute RM 219.00
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia RM 9.00
Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia RM 8.40
Gucci Premiere 50ml RM 318.00
Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Flori RM 150.00
Gucci Rouge a Levres Matte Lipstick RM 36.10
Gucci Flora Glorious Mandarin RM 18.90
Gucci Rouge a Levres Matte Lipstick 209 Mona Leslie Cameo RM 103.71
Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose RM 9.99
Gucci Rouge a Levres Matte Lipstick 403 Love Before Breakfast RM 265.00
Gucci Rouge a Levres Matte Lipstick 302 Agatha Orange RM 175.00

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