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Men's Pandora bracelets to channel your inner Johnny Depp this Christmas

23 November 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Pandora bracelets are extremely popular among women but there are several bracelet designs that are also suitable for men. These men’s Pandora bracelets can help you bring out the hidden stud in you during this holiday season.

Preferably, the inner stud in question is Hollywood heartthrob and debonair, Johnny Depp. Homeboy has been rocking bracelets (and jewelry in general) for quite a while now and he still is as sexy and masculine as ever. So, to bring a little bit more suaveness to your life this end-of-year, consider on copping these men’s Pandora bracelets to give to yourself (or your bros) this Christmas.

Pandora Moments Triple Woven Leather Bracelet in grey

Among Pandora’s many feminine bracelets, this is perhaps their most masculine one. This Pandora bracelet is made premium leather and finished with a sterling silver barrel clasp. You can choose to personalize the bracelet further by adding charms or omit them completely for a macho look.

Pandora Moments Double Woven Leather Bracelet in blue mix

This men’s Pandora bracelet is essentially the same as the one above but is made with premium leather dyed in two different shades of blue. Color-wise, this Pandora bracelet quite resembles the bangle Johnny Depp is wearing in the picture above so you may want to wear it on its own and without the charms if you want to truly emulate Mr. Depp’s style.

Pandora Moments Black Multi-String Bracelet

If leather is not quite your cup of tea, you can go for this Pandora bracelet instead. Rather than using leather, Pandora uses textile or synthetic fiber stings for this bracelet. However, the concept is similar to the Moments Triple Woven Leather Bracelets above. This Pandora bracelet also comes in the blue/turquoise variation.

Pandora Moments Charm Bangle

Looking for something more elegant than leather and string bracelets? Then this men’s Pandora bracelet is perfect for you. This hand-finished, sterling silver bangle is stunningly simple, featuring the iconic Pandora lock clasp in either silver or gold. Maybe, you can balance out the rowdiness of Johnny Depp’s jewelry style with the simplicity of this bangle.

Although Pandora’s men bracelet collection is still very limited, these masculine-looking bracelets are still manly enough for you to wear this holiday season. Style it with the right outfits and the right amount of confidence, you can easily become the resident Johnny Depp at your next Christmas party.

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