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Guys, Here’s How to Style Up Your Basics for The Boyzone Concert Malaysia 2018

21 August 2018 | Natasha Charity

Boyzone is coming to Malaysia. If you are a fan of Boyzone growing up (ah... the memories), this is your chance to watch them live! The boy band is on their 25th anniversary world tour and are stopping by Malaysia. This is your chance to grab your tickets and be present at the concert on the 24th August at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur.

As the concert is on a Friday, you may not have had enough time to go shopping for something to wear for the event during the week. Some people believe that to stand out -- you need something that screams “fashion” or that you need to wear something extravagant. But the truth is, you can look fabulous and put together while wearing something basic.

Having a wardrobe with a number of basic pieces is going to save you from struggling to put an outfit together. If you have no idea what to wear for the Boyzone concert, continue reading about how you can elevate your basics for the event.

Graphic Tees

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A tee shirt doesn’t have to be plain boring. Even if plain Tees go with everything, having a few tees that stand out can amplify your outfit. Graphic tees have never gone out of style. They have always been a form of expression. The style of shirt or the colour is entirely up to your personal taste and what you currently have in your wardrobe.


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These were things used to hold men’s pants long ago! and now… they are making a comeback This is your chance to take up the look. Suspenders scream classy, a little bit vintage yet mature and put together.

Depending on your outfit, you can style them differently. If your outfit doesn’t have a lot of colour, try going for suspenders that actually have bright colours. Or your if outfit has a lot of colour, then it is best to go for something neutral. For example, an outfit that has a dressy pair of dark coloured pants and a white tee can be topped up with a red, maroon, or a burnt orange pair of suspenders. The colour of the suspenders is dependent on your other accessories as well as your preference.


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Many blogs, magazines, and influencers in the fashion industry have all stressed how important it is to accessorize. Invest in hand jewellery like bracelets and rings. Bracelets for men are a thing too. There is no rule that states that the only hand jewellery a man should wear is a watch. The rings that speak the most in men’s fashion, are usually of a silver colour but don’t let that stop you if you are into gold. Pick a couple of rings or more that can go along with your outfit.

Scarves or Bandanas

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Yes, we hear you. It’s Malaysia, the weather is always humid. Fashion pieces can be used for two things. For functionality and for fashion. Draping a scarf over your shoulder to amplify your outfit is not wrong. Make sure your scarf is a detail that brings attention or life to your outfit. If you are wearing a single monochromatic colour in your outfit, add on a brightly coloured scarf. If colour is not your thing, add a graphic scarf. It’s the item that makes your outfit go a long way.

Bandanas can be worn in several places. For example, folding a bandana properly and having it act as a headband around your forehead. You could also tie a bandana around your arm. For men who lift, this may add more attention to your hard earned work. Other places are around the neck, or around your wrist. A bandana could even be placed in your back or front pocket as a pop of colour, or print.


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Shoes are also a piece that can elevate or completely shut down your outfit. For the concert consider wearing your “Sunday best” shoes. It could be a pair of really classic oxford shoes or it could be a pair of high top sneakers. The end goal is to ensure that your shoe game is on point so that your entire outfit looks fly, as well.

With these five style essentials nailed down, rest assured that you will be the most dapper looking lad at the Boyzone concert!

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