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How to Style Women’s Korean Fashion for the K-Wave Music Festival 2018 Malaysia

18 August 2018 | Natasha Charity

The K-wave music festival is back in Malaysia. The line up is starring the amazing stars of Boyfriend, Ftisland, Monsta X and the very handsome Jeong Sewoon. We also have the charming ladies of EXID, AOA, and WSJN. We hope you have grabbed your tickets and are ready for an explicitly good time this 18 August, Saturday at the Shah Alam Malawati stadium at 8 pm.

The K-wave music festival is the perfect window for you ladies to take up your South Korean ideals of fashion and line them up with your personal style. Korean fashion is always so simple yet it has a character behind it that despite the simplicity of the colors, materials and the entire outfit, it gives off a chic aura that turns heads. Want to look good but got no time to go shopping? We got you covered on how to dress the part for the event.

Wear Colour

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One thing about Korean style, they use a lot of colors to express their sense of style. This can be seen in the various images of the previous Seoul fashion weeks. One way you can implement color is by color blocking. This simply means wearing two different colors that highly contrast with each other. For example, wearing a red pair of pants with a hot pink top. Most color blocking combinations are Red and Green, Blue and Yellow, Orange and Green. Remember that when attempting color blocking, always have a neutral color so it doesn’t look too overdone.

If trying color blocking scares you, perhaps you can try color popping. This means wearing a monochromatic color, usually a dark color like black and then adding a piece that has a bright color. For instance, wearing black jeans, black shoes, and a bright blue blouse. Or wearing black jeans, a bright blue shirt, and shoes.


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Korean style is always about layering. Layering is mostly used for cold seasons where style and weather come together. For the festival, try layering light fabrics. Throw on a mesh top over a tank top and a pair of shorts. To add on an extra layer, tie a button down shirt around your waist.

For the modest women, try putting a light fabric yet flowy dress on top of a plain tee shirt. Slouchy is also part of Korean style, a maxi skirt topped with an oversized shirt may not exactly scream “festival” but still look chic and will make you feel comfortable.


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This is something most people overlook but accessories can make or break your outfit. Small details like a belt can make your outfit pop or lack in the style department.

One of the best festival accessories that go in line with Korean style are Bandanas. It is an essential piece you can wear anyhow. It can go as a hair band, around your neck, your wrist or your bag. There are plenty of places to place your bandana.

Minimal jewelry is also a must. Previous reports in festivals have claimed wearing dangling earrings in a crowded place can increase the risk of your ears being accidentally pulled. So ladies, wear those studs and rock the night!

Wear Flat Shoes

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Wearing flat shoes to the festival will increase your chances of having fun because then you don’t have to be concerned about aggravating pain your heels will cause you. It is recommended that you wear closed shoes rather than open shoes to protect your toes from trampling and also keep your feet clean in case someone spills a drink.

With all these four simple yet effective styling options, you can look Insta-worthy, have an OOTD worth envying, and get cozy while at the K-Wave Music Festival!

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