Keeping up with the Pumas: 5 new Puma shoes to welcome the holidays

Febriana Ramadhanya

You can’t call yourself a hypebeast if you’re not always on your toes with all the latest shoe releases. Puma have been feeding sneakerheads with collabs after collabs and they’re not stopping anytime soon with these new Puma shoe collections.

For this holiday season, you should consider on gifting your fellow hypebeasts (or yourself) with these brand new Pumas so you can keep up with the trends.

Puma Basket Glitter Pack

The holiday season means everything is festive, vibrant, and extra glittery and the Puma Basket Glitter Pack is your perfect companion to spend the rest of the year with. The collection features both the Puma Basket Strap and the laced-up Puma Basket Platform in various glittery and designs with glittery gold and silver embellishments. The Puma Basket Glitter Pack is fresh out of the oven and was just released yesterday get these glittery Puma shoes now before it’s too late.

Puma x Fenty Pointy Creepers

Everything from the Puma x Fenty collection is chic and fashion-forward but this new release really takes the cake. As a new addition to the Fenty University line, these Pointy Creepers give out a glam-punk vibe for all you teenage rebels looking for something more unconventional. These Puma shoes will be available in two colors: Puma Black with a shiny finish and Dove with a matte finish. Get your wallets ready because the Puma x Fenty Pointy Creepers will drop on December 7th.

Puma Canadian Money Pack

While these new Puma shoes will only be available to our Canadian bros and sis, they’ll make a nice addition to your collection if you’re seeking for unique, one-of-a-kind footwear. The Clyde shoes from the Puma Canadian Money Pack were released to celebrate the country 150th birthday. They’re inspired by the Canadian green $20, red $50, and brown $100 paper money with the denominations imprinted on the back of the shoes. You need to hunt for a bit if you want to get your hands on these but that makes these Puma shoes even more worth it.

Puma x Pink Dolphin Clyde ‘17

This time around, Puma collaborates with streetwear brand, Pink Dolphin, and they’ve released two new designs and colors for the Puma Clyde. These new Puma shoes are supposedly inspired by nature with the classic side stripe that is quintessentially Puma. The new Puma X Pink Dolphin Clyde shoes are available in either white or pink and you can get them now in the physical and online Puma stores.


Puma doesn’t only collaborate with Hollywood A-listers like Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Selena Gomez. In this collection, Puma collaborates with London-based lifestyle brand, TRAPSTAR, to bring you new footwear inspired by football and its sporty aesthetics. The Puma X Trapstar Clyde has utilitarian details while maintaining its sporty silhouette. These shoes closely resemble a pair of Marc Ecko shoes from the late 2000’s with its round edges and calligraphy detailing. The Puma X Trapstar collection is available now in selected Puma stores so you should start hunting right now.

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