Get Ready for Cuffing Season with these Calvin Klein Perfumes

Jillian Cheong

There is no secret between scent and seduction. On top of our own natural pheromones, making use of the right fragrance will note only be alluring to the opposite sex, but also leave a lasting impression.

If you’re not familiar with the term cuffing season, it is the act of finding a partner for the sole purpose of keeping warm during the long, frigid winter months. Sounds kind of shallow, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, there is no wrong in looking for a partner and what better way to do so with these fall CK perfumes. Even if you can’t find a significant other, it doesn’t hurt to smell nice.

Calvin Klein Obsessed

Scent has always had a linkage with memory. And with the reinvention of the most iconic smells from the brand, you can simply jog up your memory with Calvin Klein Obsessed. The scent for her fuses a bold aromatic heart of white lavender and a base of musk. Similarly, the scent for him mirrors the sensuality of the original Obsessed, but re-interpreted to be masculine with traditional scents such as the Fougere.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eu de Parfum

Dive into euphoric fantasy with the Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria Eu de Parfum which features an intoxicating, sensuous, and intoxicating scent. Its vibrant floral chypre scent enhances the sensuality and modern femininity, immersing you deep within the fragrance. The dry down of the musk evokes warmth and pleasure through its smooth, sensual texture of the scent.

Truth Sensual Bedtime Fragrance

Excite the night with the Truth Sensual Bedtime Fragrance infused with pink candy florals and a sandalwood base. Snuggle with your lover with the light aroma of white flowers, contrasted by black amber.

Although scent is one thing you can use to attract the opposite sex, the way you present yourself through your dressing is equally important. Look confident with the best Calvin Klein apparel below!

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