These Are the Best & Most Comfy Summer Shoes for Men & Women

Febriana Ramadhanya

Summer is right around the corner; it's time to get out of the sun and enjoy the abundance of vitamin D. This time of year is also your chance to show off your chic, trendy, and versatile summer footwear. You can wear them in town, at the beach, during a hike, or to stroll inside a shopping mall to cool off from the heat.

These footwear styles below will guarantee a comfortable and fashionable summer for you.

Pointed Sandals

Source: Asemgul Kairzhan on, Zalora & Nine West

Your summer shoe collection ain't complete without a pair of good ol' sandals but strappy, open-toed sandals are a such a thing of the past. For this season, why not step out of the box and wear pointed-toe sandals instead? While not many would choose pointed-toe sandals as their summer shoes, this type of footwear tends to flatter your feet and make your legs appear slimmer. Pair them up with a cute floral mini summer dress and you'll be the talk of the town.

Although, since these shoes are a little less roomy than the strappy open-toed sandals, make sure to get the right size so your toes can fit snuggly inside. If they're too tight, you can get rashes or blisters after walking all day in a pair of uncomfortable pointed sandals.

Try the ankle strap studded d'Orsay flats from Zalora for a more casual stroll in town or the Sasha Pumps from Nine West to slay the dance floor at the hottest beach club.

Backless Loafers

Source: River Island, Steve Madden & Tiffany Wang on

Who says you can’t wear loafers to the mall? These days, a more casual variation is all the rage: backless loafers or flat mules, which are comfortable and versatile, making them the perfect summer shoes for both the ladies and the gents. They also come in many variations like suede backless loafers or those with the fur interior.

The only downside to wearing backless loafers is that they don't provide any form of straps to secure the shoes comfortably on your feet. However, unless you're doing backflips or parkour, wearing these backless loafers shouldn’t give you any problems.

Gucci popularized the backless loafer trend, but if you're on a tight budget, you can opt for these Broome men loafers from Steve Madden or the black-lace cut out backless loafers from River Island.

Platform Wedges

Source: Zara & Nydia Enid on

Other than sandals, wedges are the usual go-to summer shoes. You can take it up a notch with some platform wedges. These shoes will not only make you taller, they also provide ample cushioning for those with over/under pronation problems.

You do need a little bit of skill when wearing these summer shoes; the platform heel can make these wedges quite high so be extra careful when prancing about town. Choose platform wedges with straps so you can have more security when strutting in these shoes.

Consider these plaited platform sandals or the platform polka dot wedges, both from Zara, as your go-to summer platform wedges.


Source: Toms

These summer shoes are great if you're looking for versatility. These shoes can be dated all the way back to the 1300’s, with origins traced to Catalan, a hot and sunny seaside region in Spain. Espadrilles can be worn casually at the beach or smartly at a night event. Available in many colors and materials, these shoes can be easily paired with your jumpsuit, slim fit jeans, blouse, or any of your summer outfits.

Be careful though, as some espadrilles are not as waterproof as your typical loafers or sneakers. You can try to walk around on moist surfaces but try to avoid submerging your shoes in puddles. Espadrilles from Toms are made of high-quality fabric and materials, so they won't fall apart so easily after they've gotten wet.

Hiking Sandals

Source: Chaco & Crocs

Hiking sandals are not only worn exclusively for hiking; due to its cushioning, secure straps, and variety of coloring, this type of shoes has become popular for many Malaysians. Donning these shoes will give you a more rugged appearance in contrast to the typical style summer fashion.

Make sure to also apply sunscreen on your foot when you're wearing this type of sandals to avoid undesirable tan lines. Some hiking sandals also need to be broken in, especially if you're planning to take long walks in them.

Chaco, The North Face, and even Crocs, all carry affordable yet stylish hiking sandals that you can wear to conquer Broga Hill or for a beach stroll in Port Dickson.

What are your go-to summer shoes? Leave your suggestions down below!

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