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Facts about Crumpler Malaysia that will leave you shook

26 November 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Hailing all the way from the country down under, Crumpler bags are efficient, functional, and fashion-forward. Yet, there are many more reasons to get yourself a Crumpler bag than what meets the eyes.

The bags from Crumpler Malaysia are a necessity for anyone who seeks a more active lifestyle without compromising their style. Founder 22 years ago in 1995, Dave Roper, Will Miller, and Stuart Crumpler paved the way for cyclists to be able to carry whatever the heck they want in their bags without spilling anything. However, there are things that you may not know about this Australian bag brands and these fun facts will surely persuade you to have a Crumple bag of your own.

Boozy beginnings

Homeboys Dave, Will, and Stuart didn’t just decide to make a messenger bags for cyclist out of the blue. Crumpler bags came to fruition because Stuart didn’t have a bag big enough to carry his slab of beer while cycling. Stuart then contacted a local parachute maker to help him make a prototype for a bag that has ample room to fit all his things (his beers being the priority). Will and Dave saw the potential in Stuart’s invention and the rest was history. If this is not some next-level ingenuity then we don’t know what is.

And a boozy present

As one of the pioneers in the viral marketing scheme, Crumpler continues to come up with innovative ways to promote their products. Considering the brand’s boozy beginnings, it makes sense that Crumpler decided to start the “Beer for Bags” week where you can only purchase Crumpler bags using beers as the currency. It’s definitely a step forward from the days of spray-painting the Crumpler logo on bicycle lanes across cities.

“The Dude”

The logo for Crumpler is described as the perfect representation of the brand’s vibe. Nicknamed as “the Dude”, the Crumpler logo is actually a childhood drawing done by Stuart himself (further proving his ingenuity). While many people tend to search the meaning behind famous logos, Stuart described the Dude as a simple scribble that happened to look good on his designs so he decided to stamp it on each Crumpler bag.

Love is love

Crumpler is an ally of the LGBT+ community and is a strong advocate for marriage equality. When Australia legalized gay marriage in the country 2 weeks ago, the brand showed its support by posting a series of colorful Crumpler bags that resembles a rainbow. Even though Malaysia still holds its conservative views towards the LGBT+ community and marriage equality, perhaps you can show your support for the community through Crumpler bags instead.

Nowadays, Crumpler bags aren’t just reserved only for bike couriers and cyclists. Because of their durability and functionality, everyone from students to Olympic athletes are going crazy for Crumpler bags. So, get on with the times and grab your own beer everything bag now.

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