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Ditch your ugly Christmas sweaters for these Gucci hoodies instead

22 November 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Don’t settle for a basic, run-of-the-mill ugly Christmas sweater when a Gucci hoodie is a more fashion-forward alternative. But don’t be fooled; these Gucci hoodies may be fashion-forward but they’re still as eccentric as the ugly Christmas sweater handed down from your grandparents.

As one of the most popular luxury brands today (thanks to the millennials), Gucci has become a fashion staple so if you don’t rock Gucci, you’re missing out big time. To get your Gucci game started, these Gucci hoodies and sweatshirts make the perfect addition to your wardrobe during this holiday season.

Rose Printed Hooded Cotton Sweatshirt

If you think that florals are outdated, think again because it’s all the rage these days. Floral patterns are quintessentially Gucci so if you’re considering in getting a Gucci hoodie for Christmas, get this chic Rose Printed Hooded Sweatshirt. While there are several Gucci hoodies that are too over-the-top for your Christmas party, this Gucci sweatshirt is simpler, combining inspired flower prints and a modern athleisure silhouette. For the boys, the Flora Snake Print Cotton Sweatshirt has similar designs but uses darker tones and colors.

Sequined Gold Lurex Hooded Jacket

Nothing screams Christmas more than shiny, glittery red sequins and this Gucci hoodie has exactly that. Though this sequined Gucci hoodie is a part of a jacket and skirt set, you can just wear it on its own with a pair of simple black jeans or leggings for a more toned-down look. For a subtler approach to the festive Christmas design, this Gucci hoodie has a silk floral inner lining in teal and peach.

Embroidered Hooded Sweatshirt

If you prefer something less vibrant, you can always go for Gucci’s many black hoodies. This specific Gucci hoodie, however, is special ever since Miss 🐍 (read: Taylor Swift) was seen wearing the hoodie in her music video. This Gucci hoodie features an embroidered tiger as well as “Blind For Love” printed in green. To finish the hoodie off, sequin roses are strategically placed across the shoulders and on the hood.

Mystic Cat Wool Knit Sweater

This Gucci sweater is not necessarily a hoodie but it’s still festive enough to replace your ugly Christmas sweaters. To make it even better, the main attraction of this Gucci sweater is the Mystic Cat intarsia, a motif inspired by vintage postcards. Perfect for cat lovers, this reddish-orange Gucci sweater is a stylish step forward from the embarrassing ugly knitted Christmas sweater. For a male version, you can opt for the more masculine Tiger Jacquard Wool Knitted Sweater.

Ignasi Monreal Print Sweatshirts

Fresh from the Gucci Gift SS18 campaign, the Ignasi Monreal Print Sweatshirts forgoes the floral patterns in favor of fun graphics that still represents the classic Gucci designs. The Ignasi Monreal Print Gucci Sweatshirts come in three different variations, all the result of the Alessandro Michele and Ignasi Monreal’s collaboration. Even if these Gucci sweaters don’t exactly emit a Christmas vibe, guarantee that you’ll stand out among the crow if you wear these to your Christmas party.

There are so many other Gucci hoodies and sweaters that you can add to your wardrobe this Christmas but these 5 are some of the most festive and iconic hoodies from the Italian fashion house. If these Gucci hoodies still aren’t enough, the brand makes embroidered shoes, bagsm and other accessories to complete your Christmas ensemble.

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