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Best Muslimah Fashion Tips for Any Occasion

11 December 2018 | Jillian Cheong

It only takes a few seconds for people to make a first impression and for it to be good, it must start with the way we dress. Muslimah fashion is widely available, yet there’s still its limitations for stylish options.

Dressing according to the latest fashion trends while keeping it modest does not have to be difficult. Here’s an easy guide to Muslimah fashion tips for every occasion.


A typical wedding ceremony will last for a day, but for Muslims, the celebration spans up to 3 days. It’s necessary for the bridesmaids to observe the 3-day event alongside the bride and dressing up is equally important too.

The first two days of the event which is the ‘Malam Berinai’ and ‘Nikah’ takes place in a more casual setting, thus, a simple Baju Kedah will suffice. On the day of the reception, you want to look your best, but don’t overdo it. Go for a modern Baju Kurung with unique detailing such as flared sleeves or a peplum.

Company Party

No matter how relaxed your office environment, don’t turn up looking like a big slob. As a rule of thumb, dress accordingly to the culture of your office.

If you’re meeting with an important client for after work events, always keep it professional. You can never go wrong with the blouse and blazer combo. If blazers are not your thing, an alternative would be a long vest.

Religious Holidays

Similar to Chinese New Year, shopping for new clothes during Hari Raya is a must. Instead of going for the usual Baju Kurung set, try a different style by learning how to mix and match your tops and bottoms with complementary colours such as red and green, violet and yellow, as well as blue and orange. It will make a lot of difference in your overall look.


Looking good on a date is crucial especially if it’s your first one. Nevertheless, it’s best to avoid overdressing. Planning to head somewhere fancy? Go for a flowy skirt or maxi dress, and pair it with heels. If you wish to go for a more casual look, make sure to add on a few accessories.

As the year is coming to a close, there are many occasions for you to attend. Finding the perfect outfit to suit the occasion can be challenging especially if you are short on time. Thankfully, Zalora’s 12.12 sale offers a wide variety of Muslimah fashion that are not only stylish but also modest. So, don’t be afraid to try out various style combinations because you’ll surely find a style to call your own!

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