Avoid Major FOMO With These 4 Essential adidas Shoes

Febriana Ramadhanya

What do Stan Smith, NMD, Superstar, and Yeezy have in common? Other than being some of the best-selling adidas shoe collections, these footwear sets are what so many millennials are donning to show off their styles on social media.

Just try scrolling through Instagram and pay attention to what the influencers and the cool kids are wearing these days. You’d find at least 5 of them wearing one of adidas shoes mentioned above. To get on with the times and avoid an agonizing case of FOMO, you should consider getting yourself a pair. Who knows, maybe you can clean up your social media feed by taking aesthetic pictures of your adidas shoes and your follower count will skyrocket.

Your #OOTD won’t ever be complete without any of these adidas shoes.

adidas Stan Smith

These plain white adidas sneakers are embellished with a prominent, colorful heel notch or Achilles collar. The most common heel notch colors are green, red, and pink but adidas have also released special colors and heel notch designs like gold, rose gold, black, and even batik from the Stan Smith W collection. Scared of staining your white sneakers? The Stan Smith line also carries shoes in solid colors like copper and millennial pink. You can pair the Stan Smiths with almost anything, from leggings and sweatpants to mini denim A-line skirts.

adidas Superstar

Yet another white pair of adidas sneakers, the adidas Superstar features the iconic three stripes that the brand is most known for. Do to it monochromatic nature, you can pair the shoes with even more outfits like summer dresses, jeans, and leather jackets. If you think the white and black combo is too basic, Superstar also has sneakers in a variety of color combination. The necessary millennial pink, rose gold, and hologram iridescent with pink, blue, and purple hues are some of the color combos loved this generation.

adidas NMD

Unlike the Superstar or the Stan Smith, the shoes from the adidas NMD line has a sportier silhouette. Despite its rugged shape, these shoes are suitable to be worn by both men and women. It comes in so many color combination, even more than what the adidas Superstar offers. You can find colors like maroon, navy, off-white, black, and more for the body while the detailing on the rubber outsole either comes with matching color or a different one to give the shoes a nice contrast.

adidas Yeezy Boost

Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t doubt that Kanye West is one talented son of a gun. That’s why when he released his Yeezy sneakers in collaboration with adidas, everyone went berserk. Despite its higher price tag, a lot of people flocked online for a chance to get a pair of the rare Yeezy Boost shoes. When compared to an NMD, which people also waited in line for hours for, the Yeezy Boost has a smoother and rounder silhouette. The first edition of the Yeezy shoes comes in neutral colors like muddy grey, black, and white. The later editions, however, comes with an orange stripe along the sides of the shoes.

Now go on and get yourself one of these essential adidas shoes to perfect your next Instagram OOTD.

adidas shoes

adidas is a German sportswear brand widely known for their footwear and casual clothing. Get on with the times and check out the adidas shoes below.

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