5 More Weird Women's Fashion Trends: Will You Cop One of Them?

Febriana Ramadhanya

The wonderful world of fashion has brought us great trends that we all still love today, but there are moments where it prioritizes the "wow factor" over practicality. You've seen how Chanel turned heads with their shopping basket and a bag inspired by dinnerware, so here are some more latest women fashion trends from various brands that will make you go 🤔.

Extreme Jeans

Source: Carmar Denim, ShopBop, Topshop

When ripped jeans aren't enough to make a statement, fashion designers go as far as creating "extreme" jeans that are truly out-of-the-box. LA fashion label, Carmar Denim, went viral on social media a few days ago because of their US$168 (MYR672) extreme cut out jeans. Also dubbed as the thong jeans, it seems that the label took inspiration from Thibaut's SS18 runway trend when he showcased a pair of jeans with only its seams, hems, and zippers at the Tokyo Fashion Week.

The extreme cut-out jeans, which has now been sold out, followed the steps of other viral extreme jeans like Topshop's see-through plastic jeans and Natasha Zinko's high waist "double" jeans". And thanks to royalties like Kendall Jenner who donned these extreme jeans herself back in March 2017, this weird fashion trend doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Plastic's Fantastic

Source: Need Supply, Vooberlin, yournextshoes.com

Bet you never thought something as simple and cheap as plastic can be turned into avant-garde, haute couture pieces. The Topshop see-through jeans mentioned above are just one of the many items that followed the plastic or PVC fashion trend.

Some of the pieces that followed this fashion style include the MM6 Maison Margiela Transparent PVC Bag (US$275 or MYR1,101), Raf Simmons Transparent Shopping Bag (US$159 orMYR636), and the Claire Plastic Bag Pumps from Jimmy Choo (US$1,195 or MYR4,784).

Though this trend is quite fashion-forward, there’s a minor hazard that comes with wearing it. People living in a tropical place like Malaysia need to be wary of the sweat condensation that will accumulate inside these plastic items. Once your sweat accumulates inside these clothes, they’ll start sticking to your skin and may cause rashes all over your body. Yikes!

But like we said before: if making a statement is your priority, then you do you, boo.

Freaky Footwear

Source: Getty Images, Vogue, Balenciaga

If you think the Jimmy Choo plastic shoes are weird, you ain't seen nothing yet. Brands like Loewe and Balenciaga both came out with questionable, freaky footwear. The Loewe sneakers that were introduced during the SS18 Paris Fashion Week transformed Aladdin from cheap to chic. These extreme pointed-toe sneakers with a US$690 (MYR2,762) price tag are made with reptile-embossed suede and are available in various colorways like brown, green, and maroon.

Meanwhile, as a part of its collaboration with Crocs, Balenciaga has really elevated the rubber clogs to a whole new level (literally). The label released the pair of yellow, brown, and pink Crocs complete with 10-centimeter platforms retailed at a whopping US$850 (MYR3,402). Not really a surprise for the label who also brought us the Pantashoes.

Anything from Yeezy

Source: @kanyewest

Whether you love or hate him, there's no doubt that Mr. West is a visionary as both a musician and a designer. His streetwear brand, Yeezy, always pulls out unique, and sometimes questionable, products like the sock boots, the bulky Desert Rat, or the US$243 (MYR972) sports bra that will stay relevant for many fashion seasons to come.

Aside from his problematic rants on Twitter, Kanye uses the platform to also tease upcoming Yeezy products. He did exactly that last month when he revealed a collection of shoes including the track pant boots and the transparent lucite heel.

The former are sock boots on steroids; it has puffy uppers which allows you to tuck your Yeezy sweatpants inside. On the other hand, netizens have pointed out how the transparent lucite heels resemble a chair or a shoe display holder.

Oversized Jackets

Source: Indigital.tv, WWD, fashionista.com

There's nothing wrong with wearing outerwear that's a few sizes too big for you but if it drowns you when you put it on, it's time to re-think your choices. Many brands like Vetements, Rick Owens, and Marc Jacobs featured a variety of oversized jackets during the Fall Paris Fashion Week 2018.

Source: Getty Images, @siduations

However, the one that takes the cake and people's attention is Balenciaga's layered coats, resembling Joey Tribbiani's comical attire in an episode of Friends. This particular piece from Balenciaga layered multi-colored parkas, anorak's, and hoodies to give a bigger, bolder silhouette in contrast to the models' petite frames. The fact that the oversized jacket has turned into a meme can guarantee that this trend will be more than just a fad.

Are there any other "weird" trends that we've missed out? What are your favorite outrageous fashion trends? Leave a comment below!

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