5 Styles of Evening Dresses All Curvaceous Women Need in Their Wardrobe

Febriana Ramadhanya

Some say that hourglass women have the best figures so it’s important that all hourglass ladies know how to show off their curves with the right evening dresses. Besides, you’d want to look and feel, your best when you step into that important evening event.

A curvy lady’s best asset is her small waist, complemented by their bigger bust and derriere. When wearing the right style of evening or cocktail dress, whether it’s maxi, mini, or somewhere in between, a curvy woman’s silhouette will create the perfect hourglass shape.

While many go for waist trainers or corsets to achieve the perfect hourglass figure, you won’t need them when you find an evening dress that easily and elegantly creates that figure for you. Well, look no further because here are five different evening dress styles hourglass ladies need to get their hands on (and their curvy bodies in). By the end of the night, guaranteed that you and your evening dress will be the center of everybody’s attention.


A peplum often refers to an overskirt worn over another garment like a mini skirt or skinny pants. However, peplum dresses are quite different. They have a gathered fabric around the waist, sometimes in a style of ruffles. Peplum dresses help minimize the waist and move the attention around the hip areas.


What better way to accentuate your bust than with a V-neck dress? You can’t ever go wrong with this evening dress style and you can choose the design that suits your individual body shapes. If you’re insecure about your arms, choose a long-sleeved evening dress but with a plunging neckline that shows off ample of cleavage. Don’t feel like shaving your legs for the night? Wear a maxi V-neck evening dress instead.


Mermaid dresses are typically worn as a wedding gown but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them to your evening event. Just like the mythical creature, this style of evening dress graciously hugs the figure but flares out when it reaches the bottom, hence the term “mermaid”. The flare on the bottom often varies; you can choose from a ruffled, layered, or embroidered mermaid dress to add a little bit more flair to your evening dress.

Pencil Dress

Pencil dresses are perhaps the most versatile out of all the evening dress styles. The hem of pencil dresses tends to stop mid-calf or right below the knees. Just like a pencil skirt, pencil dresses hugs and highlights the hip area. The result is a smaller-looking waist. Just like the peplum dress, pencil dresses often come with decorations around the waist area to further accentuate the small waist and the hourglass silhouette.

Wrap Dress

When we think of the suitable styles of evening dresses for curvy women, out thought tend to direct towards tight, body-hugging dresses. There are, however, wrap dresses that could highlight your curves just as well as body-hugging dresses. Besides being more airy and lightweight, wrap dresses accentuate the waist through the straps and strings that help wrap the dress snugly on your body.

Other Dresses for Curvy Ladies

There are so many styles that hourglass ladies can choose from since the curvy figure is becoming the ideal body shape these days. If styled the right way, you can pull off almost any types of dresses. Find the perfect dress for your curvy figure below.

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