5 Crocs Shoes That Aren’t Ugly

Febriana Ramadhanya

Wearing a pair of Crocs shoes can often be considered as a fashion faux pas. But do you know that there are more to Crocs than those ghastly clogs?

Although not even Drew Barrymore, John Cena, Yoona from Girls’ Generation, or Super Junior’s Henry Lau can make the Crocs shoes attractive, the American footwear brand carry more than just the infamous clogs. The brand has an array of sneakers, flats, sandals, boots, wedges, loafers, slides, and more for both men and women. We’ve curated five different Crocs shoes that are still acceptable to be worn to social functions and won’t cause you any fashion embarrassment.

Crocs Sneakers

If you prefer close-toed footwear, Crocs carry various sneakers that are comfortable and stylish. For example, the CitiLane Roka Court sneakers are a pair of comfortable slip-on shoes with decorative lace-ups to mimic the classic sneaker silhouette. The cushioning for the CitiLane Roka Court is also made with the Original Crostile foam cushion, the same material used for the Crocs Classic Clogs.

Crocs Wedges/Heels

Wearing heels or wedges can easily elevate your look and give your outfit a touch of elegance and poise. However, so many heels out there can be extremely uncomfortable to be worn for a long period of time. Luckily, Crocs carry some of the comfiest heels and wedges that you can wear on the daily. Take the Crocs Isabella Block Heels, for example; a pair of low-heeled shoes with chunky heels with a design that closely follows today’s heel trends.

Crocs Flats

Looking for a more comfortable alternative to heels and a more feminine version of sneakers? Then you should opt for the Crocs flats and Mary Janes instead. The Crocs Lina Embellished D’Orsay Flat is described as “neither boring or scandalous but something fetching in between”. It has an open toe design, contemporary silhouette, and a decorated forefoot strap to further elevate the femininity of Lina D’Orsay Flat.

Crocs Sandals

Crocs also carry some strappy footwear to make your shoe collection more eclectic. The Crocs Sandals collection include the best-selling Crocs Isabella Sandal, a flatter version of the Isabella Block Heels mentioned above. Available in 7 bright as well as neutral colors, this huarache-styled sandal is lightweight, easy to slip on, and has no problem in supporting all types of soles.

Crocs Boots

If you live or are planning to go to a wetter, colder region, consider in investing a pair of warm, comfy boots. Crocs boots vary in style and you can choose from rain boots, Ugg-like boots, as well as Timberland-esque boots. The most stylish choice is perhaps the Crocs Leigh Suede Mix Boots, a pair of black ankle boots with 2.3-inch wedges.

Unlike the Classic Clogs, the Crocs shoes listed above can easily be paired with any of your outfits. And with these shoes, you will always strut down the road confidently and proudly. Also, following the brand’s recent collaboration with Balenciaga, Crocs will hopefully revamp their collections, improving their reputation and then becoming a force to be reckoned with in the footwear and fashion industry.

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