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Tobot – What Is It and Why Do Kids Love It

22 October 2017 | Jonathan So

To many, talking robots that can transform into vehicles are equated to Transformers, the franchise from Hasbro. However, there is recently another brand of transforming robots that has become incredibly popular, especially amongst kids – Tobot. Tobots have managed to capture the hearts of children, enabling it to enter markets outside South Korea.

An Introduction to Tobot

Tobots originated as a South Korean animated television series featuring cars that can be transformed into robots. Tobots are the brainchild of Young Toys, who came up with the idea to produce and animated series and related toys during the early 2000s, targeting young primary school children and kindergarteners. While Transformers and Power Rangers appealed to older elementary school children, Tobot was targeted towards younger children.

Over the years, Tobot has managed to gain gradual success, especially amongst children. There are some reasons why Tobot toys are so well-loved by kids:

They Are Colourful

Humans are visual creatures that are easily attracted by things that look good. Tobots come in all shapes and sizes but one of the main reasons why kids adore Tobots is because of their colourful designs. Most of the Tobot toys have striking colours such as yellow, pink, and green which makes them appealing to kids, for both boys and girls.

Cool Transformations

Whether you are an adult or child, you cannot help but be amazed when you see a robot seamlessly transforming into a car and vice versa. These transformations are another reason why Tobot toys are so popular amongst children. It is one thing to see the robots transform in the cartoon series, but it is incomparable to having one transforming right in your hands. Children will spend a lot of time assembling these models and transforming them, which means that you do not need to worry about them being a nuisance.

Your Child’s Best Friend

Tobots are also great toys to have because they can substitute as your child’s companion during playtime. Your child will be able to create stories and imaginary scenarios whereby the Tobots are there to save the world from villains, etc. This enables your child to express his creativity and improve his cognitive abilities.

Affordable Pricing

Toys nowadays can be quite costly. Thankfully, Tobots are still marketed at an affordable price despite coming from South Korea. This is a plus point for parents as they do not need to spend excessive amounts of money to purchase a toy that their child would like.

Now that you know about Tobot, check out some of the collections below to surprise your kids with!

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